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[ueber die grenze]: urgent action: stop deportation to sudan

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From: "[ueber die grenze]" <>
Subject: urgent action: stop deportation to sudan 
11 - 06 - 99 

Stop the deportation of Sudanese refugee Abdallah Fathelrahman!  Send
faxes to the judge to prevent the next killing while deportation! 

May, 28th 1999 the 30 year old Sudanese Aamir Ageeb was killed during the
departure of a Lufthansa flight after having resisted his deportation to
the Sudan, where civil war is still raging and an Islamic Military
dictatorship is in power. Four people were killed during the last 8 months
while being deported from European countries. After the death of the 20
year old Semira Adamu who suffocated under a pillow, Khaled Abuzarifeh
died in March 1999 during his deportation from Switzerland. On May, 1st
1999 Marcus Omofuna suffocated during his deportation from Vienna to
Sofia. After the death of Aamir Ageebs the federal minister of the
interior Otto Schily ordered the federal border patrol not to deport
persons, who physically resist or those who are likely to do so. 

That order enraged the Bavarian minister of the interior, Mr. Beckstein.
The Sudanese refugee Abdallah Fathelrahman has been sitting in deportation
detention in Nürnberg for nine months. He has survived three earlier
attempts to deport him by the federal border patrol, during the last on
November, 12th 1998 he almost died and had to be taken to the hospital at
the airport. On June, 12th 1999 another attempt to deport him, this time
in a special plane, was planed to take place. That deportation was
cancelled by the federal border patrol after Schily’s order. 

The bavarian government does not want to accept that. It announced that it
is going to have the deportation carried through. According to a statement
of the immigration office of Nürnberg Mr. Fathelrahman is going to be
deported by Bavarian police forces. According to the Bavarian minister of
the interior the deportation is going to take place on June, 19th 1999. It
is kept secret from which airport and under which security and compulsory
measures the deportation is going to be followed through. The Bavarian
ministry of the interior calls Mr. Fathelrahman a violent criminal, who
definitely has to be deported, although Mr Fathelrahman has only fought
for his life. 

Independent experts also attested that Abdallah Fathelrahman’s trauma had
been reawakened because of the nine months he has had to spend in prison
and because of the brute force that was used against him during the
attempts to deport him. In the meantime medical reports have attested that
Mr. Fathelrahman is in great danger of committing suicide. Furthermore the
reports state that the first attempt to deport him was stopped when Mr.
Fathelrahman refused to enter the plane. During the second attempt one of
the policemen rammed his knee into Abdallah Fathelrahmen’s abdomen and he
was dragged into the plane and was flown to Frankfurt. There, however, the
pilot of the connection flight refused to take Abdallah Fathelrahman with
him. On November, 12th 1998 Abdallah Fathelrahman desperately resisted his
deportation to Khartoum. The policemen hit him into his abdomen again and
pulled a cap over his head. When Mr. Fathelrahman almost suffocated under
the cap, he was taken to the hospital at the airport. Abdallah
Fathelrahman is certainly going to resist again in case of a further
attempt to deport him. His psychic condition is very critical. 

Mr. Fathelrahman has to be immediately released from prison and treated by
a psychotherapist. 

We demand from the bavarian and german government: 

- To immediately stop deportations - Freedom for Abdallah Fathelrahman -
An immediate and diligent investigation of the death of Aamir Ageeb which
has to be assisted by human rights organisations - The punishment of the

And we demand from Lufthansa airlines to refuse to assist the

WHAT YOU CAN DO:  Please forward this message!  Please send faxes to the
local judge, in order to protest against the deportation plan! 

Send your faxes to:

Bayerische Verwaltungsgericht Ansbach

Abdallah Fathelrahman, Sudan 
gegen Bundesrepublik Deutschland

Fax ++49/981/1804271

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

According to a statement of the Bavarian Ministry of the Interior Mr.
Abdallah Fathelrahman is going to be deported to the Sudan on June, 6th
1999. Thus Mr. Fathelrahman would not only be exposed to the danger of
getting seriously injured or even killed during the deportation, but to
lose his freedom or life or to run into the risk of concrete existential
danger as well on returning to the Sudan. Mr Fathelrahman’s trauma has
been reawakened because of the nine months he has had to spend in
detention and because of the violence and force that was used against him
by the police during 3 earlier attempts to deport him. Furthermore he is
in desperate need of medical and psychological treatment. Therefor there
is a legal problem that prevents following through with the deportation.
In addition to that the legal proceedings concerning Mr. Fathelrahman’s
application for asylum should be taken up again because of obstacles to
the deportation with regard to the state of destination. 

Therefor I ask you to stop the deportation Sincerely