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Date: Mon, 21 Jun 1999 14:55:26 +0100 (GMT+0100)
From: Geert Lovink <>
Subject: Kosovo Crisis eMagazine 

Date: Fri, 18 Jun 1999 16:13:18 -0500
From: MeMail <>
  MeMail: Kosovo Crisis eMagazine     
  June 18 1999
  ----------------------------------------> Reports from Kosovo 
  ----------------------------------------> Letters from Kosovo
  ----------------------------------------> Reports from Serbia
  --------------------------------------------> Media & the War
  -------------------------------------> Pacifica Radio Reports
  -------------------------------------------------> Commentary
  --------------------------------------------------> Headlines
  Reports from Kosovo
  More stories and evidence of killing and torture is emerging
  from Kosovo.  The Washington Post had a long piece on Wednesday
  about what happened in cities around Kosovo.  The Boston Globe
  has a story today on a baker in Pec who kept a diary.
  Pristina Police Station Holds Tools of Torture
  by Molly Moore, Washington Post
  Kosovo Rape Victims Suffer Twice
  by Gordana Igric, Institure for War & Peace Reporting  (6-18-99)
  In key town, cultural elite hunted down
  by Paul Salopek, Chicago Tribune  (6-17-99),1308,11249-11250-30443,00.html
  Kosovo's Survivors, Up From the Ashes  
  Peter Finn, David Finkel, R. Jeffrey Smith and Michael Dobbs
  Washington Post  (6-16-99)
  From Hospital Beds, Tales of Revenge 
  by Paul Watson, Los Angeles Times   (6-18-99)
  Kosovar baker delivered bread, buried friends, neighbors 
  by Kurt Pitzer, Boston Globe  (6-18-99)
  Letters from Kosovo
  Finnegan Hamill's reports on his email from Adona (a name used to
  protect her identity) were some of the first to give a human 
  perspective on what was happening in Kosovo.  He got in touch with 
  her Thursday for the first time in almost a month and filed an
  update that aired today on NPR's Morning Edition.  It and his 
  previous stories are on the web.  
  Adona is a member of a peace group called the Postpessimists. Paul
  Watson wrote about the group back in April.  Hamill and others are 
  raising money to help bring Adona and other members of the 
  Postpessimists to the United States to study.
  Letters from Kosovo
  by Finnegan Hamill of Youth Radio
  Bombs Close Door on Teens' Peace Efforts 
  by Paul Watson, Los Angeles Times   (4-19-99)
  Donations can be sent to:
  Kosovo Refugee Student Fund
  2345 Channing Way
  Berkeley CA 94704
  Reports from Serbia
  Since the bombing stopped, many news organizations have withdrawn
  their reporters from Belgrade at a time of critical importance
  for the future of Serbia and the region.  But some stories
  are still being filed.  Also, the Christian Science Monitor
  reports on Serbs who fled to other countries during the war.
  Serbs weigh Milosevic's policies 
  by Brian Hanrahan, BBC  (6-18-99)
  Serb refugees become forgotten people 
  by Rory Carroll, Guardian  (6-18-99),3604,59095,00.html
  New Refugees Join Those From Past Serb Wars
  by Carlotta Gall, New York Times  (6-18-99)
  (free registration required)
  Nowhere to call home after the war
  Robert Marquand, Christian Science Monitor  (6-17-99)
  Media & the War
  A FAIR analysis of how the New York Times reported on the war.  
  Seth Ackerman talks about the coverage on Counterspin.  Reporters 
  Sans Frontieres has issued a report on coverage of the war and also 
  issued a report on repression of independent media in Yugoslavia.  
  ANEM, the Association of Independent Electronic Media in 
  Yugoslavia, has issued a statement on more recent repression. It
  is on the independent Free B92 website.  The original B92 website 
  is now under Yugoslav government control and has been redesigned.  
  Veton Surroi, the publisher of the Kosovar Albanian daily Koha 
  Ditore, is alive.
  The New York Times' Yawning Gap
  Between Glowing Portrait of Western Idealism and Reality of U.S. Policy 
  FAIR  (6-17-99)
  Counterspin  (6-11-99)
  NATO's Media Blunders
  by Reporters Sans Frontieres  (6-16-99)
  Yugoslavia - A State of Repression
  by Reporters Sans Frontieres
  The Continued Struggle for Independent Media 
  ANEM  (6-14-99)
  Free B92
  B92 (now government controlled)
  Newspaper chief to come out of hiding
  Independent  (6-18-99)
  Pacifica Radio Reports
  Laura Flanders reports that Michael Jackson, who
  commands KFOR forces, was a captain during Bloody Sunday
  in Ireland.  Jeremy Scahill continues to report from Kosovo.  
  On Thursday's Democracy Now, he was on with Jennifer Leaning
  who talked about a report on War Crimes in Kosovo issued by
  Physicians for Human Rights.
  NATO Commanded By Bloody Sunday Captain
  by Laura Flanders, Pacifica Network News  (6-17-99)
  Deployment Of KFOR And Serb Withdrawal On-Schedule
  by Jeremy Scahill, Pacifica Network News  (6-16-99)
  Democracy Now  (6-16-99)
  Democracy Now  (6-17-99)
  War Crimes in Kosovo
  Physicians for Human Rights  (6-15-99)
  Kosovo and Doublespeak
  by Edward S. Herman, Zmag  (6-17-99)
  Read UN Resolution 1244 and Watch NATO in Kosovo
  by Jan Oberg, Transnational Foundation  (6-18-99)
  NATO in Kosovo - Failed Peacekeeping
  by Jan Oberg, Transnational Foundation  (6-18-99)
  Investigating War Crimes
  by Fred Abrahams, Human Rights Watch  (6-18-99)
  NATO's Pyrrhic victory 
  Boston Globe Editorial  (6-18-99)
  Balkan Wild Card
  by G. Zachary Pascal, In These Times  (7-11-99)
  Showdown in Pristina
  Nation Editorial  (7-5-99)
  Poison in the air 
  by Mikhail Gorbachev, Guardian  (6-18-99),3604,59107,00.html
  a just war or just a war?
  by Alison Bechdel, Washington Blade  (5-7-99) 
  Spanish Fighter Pilots Admit NATO Purposely Attacks Civilian Targets
  by Jose Luis Morales, Articulo 20  (6-14-99)
  Clear plan lacking for governing Kosovo 
  by Joe Lauria, Boston Globe  (6-18-99)
  'Deal struck' on Russian troops 
  BBC  (6-18-99)

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