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<nettime> Burim Murtezani: My first time in Prishtina

interesting report of Burim Murtezani, the Riks local coordinator of
TetNet, the Internet workspace in Tetovo. It appears that our scepticism
about the satellite-dish for free access has been justified...



TetNet Report

Finally I visited Prishtina.
We started early in the morning, on Wednesday the 1st of September with
Stean, a logistic man of DRC (Danish Refugee Council), with his big
car (NISSAN) , and Izer and Bujar  the two guys that will work with me.
I was surprised how fast we passed the border in Jazhince. But, then,
it was like an horror adventure seeing an huge amount of mine holes on
the road. "You are safe just on this asphalt - it is checked by NATO
forces- said Stean,-  ...and be aware not to speak serbian in
After an hour we saw Prishtina from a bird perspective. A piece of the
city, the hill called "Dragodan" was full with cars, offices of
several hundred NGO's from all around the world. I was surprised when I
saw Seb Rodiqi on the door of his house getting ready to go to work. I
asked Stean to stop the car and changed few  words with Seb. He had
nothing to say that morning except that had taken my email and that
would try to answer it some day. Hmm!!!.
The reason I went to DRC in Prishtina was to make for them a network of
computers and printers. They are helping a lot in Kosova. We spent all
the day working around. In the evening we stopped . We had some
problems with one network card that was bad recognized by Windows 98.
When we started to walk on Prishtina free streets it started to rain
and was so cold. We were looking for some families that were refugee in
Tetova . Finally we found Mr. Besim Sahatçiu , an old and very known
Film maker "rezhiser", and his wife Besa. Thay were so happy seeing us
so we had to stay a lot of time at their flat drinking whisky or
something else and hearing their story . Fortunately , he has saved all
his celluloid's and all his works. Of course, than , I told him about
the project RIKS. I'm sure he has a lot to show and say. At the end we
saw on the video some situations of their refugee life in Tetova,
poetry ,reading aloud from some books etc. recorded with a handy
camera. He promised to come once more in Tetova.
The next morning we finished the job and went to the university to take
information about the satellite dish and Internet. Unfortunately
everything was stopped there because telekom has jumped and take the
cake. They promised to give something (a line of 64 kbps)  to the
elektro faculty.
We met Mr. Ilir  Limani the dean of the Electrotechnikal faculty and we
talked about the project RIKS.
He told me that that people are working around that dish, somewhere
else, and that some students of his are involved on that project.
Also he told me that WUS ( from Austria) will make an Internet
workspace to do some free courses (they will bring all computers and
other equipment) and the free time will be on the university service
??!! We changed our e-mails and hopped to continue to be in touch.
That afternoon we were back in Tetova.

Burim Murtezani

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