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<nettime> McLibel documentary goes mad downunder

A five-week tour of Australia has exploded into a media
feeding frenzy as 'McLibel' director Franny Armstrong
launches the film's first ever theatrical releases and
accidentally becomes a chat-show regular.
Precedence: bulk

c i n e m a   r e l e a s e s

SYDNEY. The film celebrated the launch of its world-first
theatrical run last night (Sat 26th). The film's director
introduced the doc to a packed house at the Chauvel Cinema
at 5pm. Forty people were turned away at the door and so
an extra screening was hastily arranged for 9pm, when the
film moved to the largest auditorium. It will now play daily
for a week. Box office 9361 5398.

MELBOURNE. Franny will be launching the Melbourne season
at the Nova Cinema, 380 Lygon St, Carlton on Thursday 7th
 October at 7.30pm. Tickets should be booked in advance from
the box office, 9347 5331. Dates and times of other Nova
 screenings TBC.

t e l e v i s i o n  &  r a d i o

After a superb article in the Sydney Morning Herald (see below)
 Franny was an early morning guest on the 'Today' show (Channel 9,
23rd Sept) and is booked to appear on the top current affairs show,
'Foreign Correspondent' early next week (ABC, 28th Sept). She's
also been rabbiting away on the 'TripleJ' radio show (ABC) and to
anyone else who will listen.

The complete documentary has almost definitely been sold for
broadcast on one of the main networks in the near future. More
details as soon as contracts are signed. Don't want to count
our chickens.

r e v i e w s

__The Sydney Morning Herald
'an often hilarious expose of big business arrogance'
'a very spunky British documentary'
'an extraordinary example of independent film-making'.

__The Sunday Telegraph
'watching this very adroit documentary is an inspiring event'
'take your children to see it'
four stars out of five.

___The Drum
'the notoriously outlawed 'McLibel', which everyone claims to
have seen at some cafe or environmental festival'

o t h e r   s c r e e n i n g s

The film is being screened at various locations in Sydney,
Melbourne, Canberra, Cairns and Newcastle over the next three
weeks. Franny will also be taking part in the Media Circus in
Melbourne and Electrofringe'99
in Newcastle.
See below for tour dates.

o n e   o t h e r    t h i n g

As a quick aside, the film nearly won the 'Princes Award', for
best environmental documentary a few weeks back at the European
Environment Agency in Denmark. Unfortunately it got pipped to the post
by the Danish BBC. Which is quite a big shame as the 2000 pounds prize
money could have paid off a few debts. nevermind.

l i n k s

Main doc website:
Aussie tour dates:
Watch the film online:
McLibel Trial:

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