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<nettime> THE THING Newsletter 11/05/99

THE THING Newsletter                      November 5, 1999
Vol.1, Nr.4


"The enjoyment of art is the only remaining ectasy that is neither immoral
nor illegal--except in New York."  --NYC tour bus guide

Lt. Crack here with the news: 


Consortium in the making: 

e-Flux and The Thing are pleased to announce the creation of the world's
most comprehensive database of art professionals on-line.  Our companies
will share information and services to facilitate a more direct
communication within the international art community. 

For further information please go to:

[2] on the offensive:

Number 16 of the largest US online commerce corporations,, is
suing (without the "s"), the "digital hijack" artists from
Switzerland.  Etoys (with the "s") asserts that US kids could get confused
and exposed to those bad guys from the Alps.  Family values are at stake. 
But since etoy didn't want to relinguish the right to their own domain to
the Big Daddy Etoys Corporation they will now have to make their stand in
court.  THE THING vigourously supports etoy in this fight!  A stealth
alliance of various individuals, media and art groups now plans to mount
an effective media counter offensive to discredit those suckers who think
they can just buy or destroy everything that's in their way!


Depechez vous - sign this appeal!
--Isabelle Adjani, Actress

A little more each day the market is taking control over our life.  It
organizes work, determines salaries, relocates factories, decides what we
drink, what we breathe, what we eat.  It whittles down social progress,
eliminates differences, destroys public services, wipes out democracy and
the peoplesī right to self-determination.  A little more each day
globalisation is accelerating, without a single democratically designated
institution having chosen this to be.  The World Trade Organisationīs next
round of negotiations runs the danger of provoking a further breathtaking
acceleration of this process.  If its schedule is maintained, soon almost
nothing will remain of all that has been achieved through centuries of
social and political struggles.



Hey, you all look like you can use some new parts - try on some of these
for size! 

Eugene Thacker, ftp_formless_anatomy. 

ftp_formless_anatomy is a counter-anatomical response to the National
Library of Medicine's Visible Human Project, an online archive of a cut-up
and encoded male and female human body. Using the model of a Web-database,
it utilizes anatomical cross-sections, 3-D modeling, and samples from
online surgeries to construct and re-animate the digital-anatomical body.



In order that other perverts, like you, can enjoy the show - please don't
reveal the ending! 

Five easy pieces by Skip Arnold, Nina Brudermann, Sylvie Fleury, Peter
Land and Wolfgang Staehle. 

Collider#35, GH Hovagimyan talks with Mark Napier, creator of The Shredder
and Digital Landfill projects. Look for other collider episodes in the



Before we pull the plug on you - we thougth you might like to hear a tune
or two. 

Symphony for dot matrix printers by The User.
PHON:E:ME by Mark Amerika.
Axonometric by DJ Spooky.
Manuel DeLanda and the EDT.



Just in case the NSA doesn't have enough to read - more threads! 

Non linear circle, the "unpolite society," led by Mark Stahlmann. 
Thingist, what's all de fuzz about "Sensation?"  Subscribe now!  <7-11>,
premier online content syndication.  What?  Command 'what' not recognized.
Why?  Command 'why' not recognized.  Ok, that's it, Lt. Crack is signing


PS: If you forgot your password, be our guest and go to the "Password for
Dummies" page.  Your password will arrive within seconds. 

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