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<nettime> THE THING Newsletter 11/07/99

THE THING [newsletter]                            December 7, 1999
Vol.1, Nr.5

Lt. Crack here with the last Thing communique of the decade:


[1]  Thing Y2K auction:

Yes folks, it's on!  The Y2K auction at 
Starting December 13, you can bid for 10 days, until December 23, on
_real_ artworks by leading contemporary artists, such as Momoyo Torimitsu,
Peter Halley, Craig Kalpakjian, Michel Auder, Janine Gordon, Noritoshi
Hirakawa, Rainer Ganahl, Daniel Pflumm, Miltos Manetas, Franz
Stauffenberg, and many of the other usual suspects.  The proceeds will be
used as a capital injection to fuel THE THING's dubious cultural
activities and to secure its position as the leading non-spatial delivery
device for contemporary culture.  So vote for TT with your credit card and
get something you can actually hang on your wall.

[2] Toywar: 

The toywar heats up.  Last week Judge John P. Shook of the Californian
State Court issued a preliminary injunction to bar etoy from using their
domain name "" pending final adjudication.  In the meantime you
can safely go to:, which is faster anyway
since you don't use stupid DNS.  If you want to stay abreast of this
story, check news, thingist and nettime at [threads]



I want to be a superstar!  Audition and TV clips by Heidrun Holzfeind. 
Starring Rulie, Jimmy James and Hal. [video]



Interview with Coco Fusco by Ricardo Dominguez.  Plus WMF Party tracks
from the Good World NYC, 11/11/99. [audio]


Thing member Karli Marx recently registered, a major
resource for everyone concerned about the recent reverse domain-name
hijack by the multi-billion toy retailer  Thousands of guerilla
toy soldiers are hiding in the digital underbrush and are ready to strike. 
Let's see how low they can drive the eToys stock.  Venceremos. [projects]



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Love, Lt. Crack

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