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[nettime-lat] Fwd: >war time< project open call from OFFLINE and open_digi

>Date: Mon, 11 Nov 2002 23:21:19 GMT Standard Time
>From: (atty)
>Subject: >war time< project open call from OFFLINE and open_digi
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>Hi arcangel,
>this is an open call to fellow digital and network media creators by the 
>OFFLINE digital creative association,, 
>and South London based digital art events group 'open_digi', 
>, for participation in our project >war time<
>today, on the anniversary of the end of biggest human on human killing 
>spree so far, 'WWI', and with less than 30 days till the first trigger 
>point where the US and allies may commence war on Iraq, with many ongoing 
>wars around this world and many people who thought they were 'safe' now 
>being targeted both by state and non-state weapons of terror and mass 
>destruction, we feel it is appropriate to harness our skills, our 
>imaginations and the networks we have amongst us to build a collective 
>reaction to and against war-making, past, present and future.
>the >war time< project is conceived firstly as a live performance event, 
>utilizing technologies and networking from the internet, with projections 
>and sound, though contributions should be adaptable subsquently for online 
>The interface that will launch individual contributions to >war time< can 
>be seen at
>The current list of participants can be seen at 
>The first live performance of >war time< will take place on December 13th, 
>2002 at the Ritzy Cafe in the Ritzy Cinema, Brixton, London UK as the 
>first event of a new open_digi season 
>Another performance is scheduled for Amsterdam in May 2003 and other 
>venues and dates are being sought.
>participation in >war time< is invited from all digital and network media 
>creatives of good will.
>you can join the project by completing the form at 
>Contributions should be able to function, including closing the window 
>they are showing from, automatically, without user intervention (though 
>they may also intereact with user input). Contributions are welcome 
>utilizing current standard plugins as well as current HTML browsers 
>(unfortuantely must function as intended in IE). Sound with contributions 
>is very welcome. Contributions should be downloadable online to users with 
>average bandwidth. The length (time) of contributions can be chosen by the 
>contributor as long as not too lonng.

salu :D,

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