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[nettime-lat] The Guernica Project

Please, forward.

Por favor, distribuid.


La guerra se ha convertido en un lujo que sólo los países pequeños se pueden permitir.
  (Hannah Arendt)


The background: U.N. officials covered up a tapestry reproduction of Pablo Picasso’s anti-war painting GUERNICA during
Colin Powell’s presentation of the American case for war against Iraq.
This attempt to censor the free art should be met with thousands of new versions of GUERNICA!
Those of us who are able to imagine the horrors, sufferings, pain and grief caused by war are also able to see the
provocation in this act of censorship against an artwork that has these effects of war as its theme.

It is arrogant and naïve to believe that GUERNICA can be censored when it becomes too embarrassingly relevant. Now the
result will be the opposite: GUERNICA will re-appear in a number of versions all over the world!
trans-art – a gallery and a group of four artists in Trondheim, Norway– now call upon fellow artists to create new,
updated versions of this great, anti-war painting. This can be done as paintings, drawings, installations, performances

We would be very grateful if you could send us documentation of your version by mail. Please use standard web formats
(jpg, gif, mov, mpeg, ram).
Send documentation, comments or relevant links to:
We will present the documentation on our web pages at

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