Regina Célia Pinto on Sun, 23 Feb 2003 21:12:01 +0100 (CET)

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[nettime-lat] Fw: [webartery] Paris Connection chat cancelled

I am sorry people of nettime, but ...

> The chat server has, unfortunately, been under a DoS attack, or a 'denial
of service' attack by
> a teenager. See for details. What this means is
that the chat server has
> been inundated and is not available for use at the moment. Following the
> link from, it seems that this
> is not exactly an isolated incident.
> I looked around, on short notice, for alternatives but they all had lots
of advertisement pop-up
> windows and generally were not appropriate for anything other than a sales
> So, unfortunately, the chat is cancelled. Nor do I see any point in
rescheduling it if the
> server is being attacked as often as it is. This is a pity. What can one
say? Boys will be boys?
> Technology that can be so easily disabled by teenagers needs work? The
Internet is still young.
> That is good. But most of the technology is also immature. The Internet
was made to withstand a
> nuking but IRC can't withstand a few teenagers? This can also be said of
Web sites, which also
> are subject to DoS. And they can't track the kids down, either.
> In the meantime, I encourage you to subscribe to the Paris Connection
email list at
> . It looks like discussion
of the project will
> have to proceed via email, not IRC. So discussion of the project will be a
gradual thing that
> develops in a more considered fashion over time.
> And I hope you enjoy Paris Connection. Also, check out the press the
project has received in
> Libération at and The New
York Times at
> .
> Regards,
> Jim Andrews
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