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[nettime-lat] Moratorium Day, March 5 / Artists Against the War

> Drawn-In
> We invite artists and others around the world to gather on Moratorium
> Day, March 5, in their local museums which exhibit ancient near eastern
> art. In New York, this action will take place from 9:30 to 5:30 in the
> Assyrian gallery at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.
> We will respectfully draw with pencil on paper the art around
> us, which was created as early as five thousand years ago in the land now
> known as Iraq, where urban life and the written word originated.
> Our goal is to call attention to all of the civilizations which have
> flourished in Mesopotamia under so many names and cultures: Sumer,
> Babylonia, Assyria, the Arab/Muslim Abbasid Empire and  contemporary Iraq.
> This is a peaceful vigil, made in protest against US foreign policy under
> George W. Bush. If someone asks what we are doing, we will speak quietly
> with them and explain our position, then continue to draw. We will keep in
> mind the intention:  to pay homage to this land, culture and people, which
> our government is planning to destroy. We are deeply concerned about an
> imminent threat to human life, and to the memory and history embedded
> in all of Mesopotamia, modern Iraq.
> Please spread the word to everyone you know anywhere who is an artist
> or a lover of art! If this action takes place in other cities, please let
> know all about it, and if you have pictures, we would love to see them.
> Met Event Committee, Artists Against the War <>
> ------------------------------------------
> Note: The Metropolitan Museum of Art only allows us to draw with
> pencil on paper, so don't bring pen and ink. You can use cameras, but
> not flash. If the Near Eastern galleries are closed, we will convene in
> the Islamic rooms.

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