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[nettime-lat] News at the Museum of the Essential and Beyond That

News at the Museum of the Essential and Beyond That:

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SPRING / SUMMER (Southern Hemisphere), FALL / WINTER (Northern Hemisphere)-

New Floor: Terrace with gardens, restaurant, panoramic elevator,
administration and bathrooms (November).

Paris - Rio de Janeiro Gallery (9137 Km) > work in progress - 8,000 metters
up to now! (November).

News at the library, books >"Não Poemas" by Augusto de Campos, "A
Imagem-Tempo" by Gilles Deleuze, "Women, Art & Technology" by Judy Malloy

News at the library, magazines > "Cuadernos del LIMbØ", "Poesia Para Todos"

News at the library, Artist and Identity > Marcelo Frazão (November).

News at the gallery Borders of - and art today >"Que Ambre"
by Juan Manuel Patiño, Argentina (November).

News at the gallery Digital Poetry >"Autocidade" by Jordons Francisco

News at the gallery Esthetic of Tragedy > "Requiem" by Michael Takeo
Magruber, England and "The Pet goat" by Erik Salvaggio, USA (November).

News at the gallery Virtual Book-Object > "Anima Alice" by Guto Nóbrega and
students of the EBA/UFRJ (November).

Section: CDs of Art and Poetry >"Não clip Poemas" by Augusto de Campos (
7 )/ Brazil /It accompanies the book "Não Poemas" and "Azap" by Ahmet Atif
Akin (6), Turkey (November).

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