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[nettime-lat] Call fo contribution

I hope you enjoyed receiving this message. This is not spam, it's an invitation
to an art Project. I apologize for any cross-posting.
Feel free to forward this messagge to people interested in.

--  Plug'n'Pray > 'Pray by wire' gallery

High-tech religion and religious technology. When wired belief becomes a religious asset. Find out how new media and technology interact and interlace with religion and superstition. Discover how technology (both high- and low-) helps and supports religion.

PRAY BY WIRE hunts for photos and pics taken from real life that illustrate this curious, and at the same time widespread, relationship.

An image gallery / exhibition is one of the initiatives we want to realize to promote the Plug'n'Pray site, English version (online from September 2003). This project aims at gathering works and contributions from all over the world, with the idea of setting up a dedicated site and organizing an international exhibition in London and Amsterdam, during Spring 2004.

The images can be personal interpretations of this phenomenon or straightforward documentary. They can be ironic or they can just portray objects and memorabilia. The content is up to you, but please remember that we will only accept photos, so no computer art please.

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usine de boutons (padova) italy

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