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[nettime-lat] Rebellion in Chiapas - National Security Archive

Rebellion in Chiapas and the Mexican Military

National Security Archive Electronic Briefing Book No. 109


Edited by Kate Doyle

January 20, 2004

This new Electronic Briefing Book is based on a collaboration between Proceso 
magazine and the National Security Archive and launched on March 2, 2003.
The collaboration grew out of a shared desire to publish and disseminate to a 
wide audience newly-declassified documents about the United States and Mexico. 
Each month, Proceso magazine will publish an article by the Archive's Mexico 
Project director, Kate Doyle, examining new documentary evidence on a chosen 
topic. The series - called Archivos Abiertos (or, Open Archive), will draw from 
U.S. and Mexican declassified records on a range of issues that could include, 
for example: drug trafficking and counternarcotics policy, Mexican presidential 
elections, human rights cases, immigration, U.S. training of the Mexican 
military, NAFTA negotiations, the role of the press, peso devaluations, and 
state repression during Mexico's "dirty war." On the same day that Proceso's 
article appears in Mexico, the National Security Archive will post an 
Electronic Briefing Book on its web site, containing an English-language 
version of the article, a link to Proceso's web site, and all of the 
declassified documents used for the piece, reproduced in their entirety.

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