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[nettime-lat] A Quixotic Reading At Purdue University.

A Quixotic Reading At Purdue University


The idea of a quixotic reading is to promote Cervantes´ masterpiece, Don
Quijote de la Mancha , among those students who have always been motivated
by this author. 


Our vision consists in the realization of a three   day celebration (April
22 ­ 24, 2004) reading the entire book of Cervantes   both in English and in
Spanish. To do this we will ask Spanish-speaking   faculty and students at
Purdue University as well as invited guest from   off-campus, to read a
chapter of this masterpiece in its original language,   at the same time we
will ask other invited guests to read the novel in   English.


This project has been planned to commemorate the anniversary of the   death
of Miguel de Cervantes  on   April 23 rd  next year,   and to bring together
Cervantistas and interested people here at Purdue   University. 

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