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nettime-nl: IICD en Global Knowledge

weet iemand hier iets vanaf? er schijnt een bijeenkomst geweest
te zijn in Amsterdam (8-10 december). het gaat hier om 
IT, onderwijs en ontwikkelingsgelden...

From: <>
> PARTNERS:  Vol. 1. No. 6.  December 1999
> Welcome to Partners, the Newsletter of the Global Knowledge
> Partnership, bringing you news and views from the GKP, via
> mail and the Internet, monthly.
> Learn to Build a Brighter Future
> The virtual conference (see PARTNERS Vol. 1 No. 2. August
> 1999) closed on November 5, following seven weeks of on-
> line discussion. Participants will meet face-to-face in a
> Live Workshop on December 8-10 in Amsterdam, The
> Netherlands, to brainstorm together, add detail to their
> proposals, and receive advice from expert guest speakers
> and private sector practitioners in ICT and education.
> Learn to Build a Brighter Future provides a forum for
> experts, teachers, and trainers from the North and the
> South, businesses, NGOs, and international organisations to
> discuss and jointly develop projects that apply ICT to
> building training capacity in  innovative ways. During the
> final week of the virtual conference, participants
> identified eight such projects.  Four of these project
> proposals will be presented at the GKII conference in
> Malaysia, in March 2000.  Learn to Build a Brighter Future
> is a joint effort of the IICD, Vrije Universiteit
> Amsterdam, Pricewaterhouse Coopers and Universiteit Twente.
> For more information visit the conference website at
>  and click on the conference logo.   Or, read
> IICD?s news release at their featured partner page on the
> GKP website at
> (click on: Virtual Conference Comes to a Close -- News
> Release)

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> Partners is the  newsletter of the Global Knowledge
> Partnership, a growing partnership of public, private and
> not-for-profit organizations working together to help
> people access knowledge and
> harness information and communications technologies that
> will help them live meaningful and fruitful lives.
> Editorial Assistant:  Megan Breece.  Editor:  Lesley Anne
> Simmons, The Global Knowledge Partnership Secretariat, c/o
> The World Bank Institute, The World Bank, 1818 H Street NW,
> Washington D.C. 20433 Tel: 1 202 473-1785 Fax: 1 202 522-
> 1492 e-mail:
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> Lesley Anne Simmons
> Knowledge Products and Outreach Division
> The World Bank Institute
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