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[Nettime-nl] Re: [Hal-tap] Dutch wiretapping specification

On Thu, 5 Apr 2001, Sabri Berisha wrote:

> The TIIT 0.2 is outdated. There is a 0.1.2 version which is far more
> recent.

Are you sure? 0.2 seems higher then 0.1.2

> > Thanks to whoever is responsibly for this :)
> I have no idea but I hope he or she is realizing that spreading of
> confidential material is highly illegal.

How can the specification of a clause of the law of a country be secret?
How can its citizens abide by that law if they can't read it? The material
CANNOT be confidential bt its very nature. Yet the department of justice
and the BVD felt ackward if the specs became "public". As people around me
knew, I wanted to write an opensource implementation for small ISP's, to
prevent people to have to buy expensive blackboxes. I was actually quite
hampered by the OPTA requirement, I just didn't want to go to court over
it. This person helped me a lot, and AFAIK did nothing illegal.

> (and I don't know for sure yet which parts are confidential and which are
> not).

No parts CAN be confidential.

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