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[Nettime-nl] teaching position, media design, PZI rotterdam

Teaching Position
.4 Tutor, MA Media Design
Piet Zwart Institute

A practising designer in digital media with experience of work in education is required, to start work this coming academic year. The MA Media Design, and its related programme of research, is a new initiative. A fundamental analysis and reinvention of digital media in its broadest and most precise political, technological, social and aesthetic sense is underway here - and we're looking for someone with the right skills to be part of our teaching team.

Salary is a .4 fractional appointment on a full-time equivalent of between 2238,- and 3804,- Euros gross p/m.

The Piet Zwart Institute is the postgraduate and research institute of the Willem de Kooning Academy, Hogeschool Rotterdam. (All teaching and other work is carried out in English.) For more about our work, please go to:

For further information and a job description, please contact Femke Snelting, (between 15-30 July only email

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