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[Nettime-nl] MadreTTor, festial for [Media]_Art, WEB_Culture & technology


:: MadreTTor ::

festival for [Media]_Art, WEB_Culture & technology
October 1 until the 5 :: 2002 :: Rotterdam :: the Netherlands


Hello [Reader]


Many things changed, STUDY it carefully.

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01. ABOUT_.

01. ABOUT_.

:: MadreTTor, is based in rotterdam and will take place from the 1st until the
5th of October 2002. The aim of MadreTTor is to offer an inside in the world
of well-known international new media artists and designers.

:: To achive this, lectures, workshops and discussion sessions will be
organised during this festival. The more informal programme will contain
performances, installations, exhibitions and music

:: Important goal for the festival is to initiate new projects involving a
mixture of artists and designers from different disciplines to establish a
progressive environment within MadreTTor projects

:: The festival will be open to everyone interested in new media. Presentations
and workshops will be held in English. Headquarters will be Off_Corso
(Kruiskade 22), other festival-locations are Locus 010 (Vlasmarkt 1) and the
St. Laurenschurch (Grotekerkplein 27) Rotterdam.

Locus 010 + off_corso
10€ or 5€ for students (show valid student card)

10€ or 5€ for students (show student card)

Locus 010 + off_corso
20€ or 10€ for students (show student card)

(incl Saturday Oct. 05 @ the st Laurenschurch)
70€ or 40€ for students (show student card)

MORE INFO @ the tickets and registration section


The Exhibition @ Locus 010 will be open
the whole 5 days from 11.00h till 17.00h
and is included if you have a pas.
Without a pass it will cost 2€

:: Hans Bernhard, etoy.HANS;etoy.BRAINHARD,hans_extrem, net_CALLBOY, Austria
Exhibition about the [V]ote auction affair +

:: Amy Franceschini + Ben Dean, US
Interactive video installation: Motion tracking system who generates manipulatable sound. + + + +

:: Jean-Paul Wesselink, NL
Interactive video installation: "Hello quest"
This installation shows the history and interaction of the visitors with "Hello guest" by capturing a time frame of his/hers presents. The captured image will be projected and forms one "pixel" of the total digital painting who will grow during the festival.

DERUSH displaying the works of well-known designers, as well as up and coming talent on multiple canvas of the last period. DERUSH has been active over one year inviting talent to produce graphics being printed on T-shirts and posters. Having organized a worldwide competition with contestants from any country you can imagine.


:: Petra van Bennekum
"When I photograph I’m looking for a pure (sexual) feeling or emotion which is YOU."
Off-corso's monthly exposition will be from Petra van Bennekum this month. Petra studying photography and sculpture at the Art-Academy of Breda, St. Joost and worked as a model. She assist fashion-photographer Andy Tan and started to take pictures of the party-scene and many other places. Her work will be exposed in the lounge @ Off-corso and Petra is also leading the Adapter TV crew during the festival together with Jack Angel Montana. Adapter TV will film and interview on many presentations and workshops and broadcast this on Rotterdam TV, channel 59 / FEQ. 773.75.

:: Amy Franceschini + Ben Dean, US
Amy Franceschini and Ben Dean created their interpretation on visualizing all visitors to MadreTTor festival by building the installation called:
Collective "avatar". This installation consists of live video capture of individual visitors streamed into evolving movie. Each visitor becomes part of a growing sequence of visitors over the course of the MadreTTor event. this is not "avatar" in the usual sense.
The video becomes a collective crowd.


Workshops will be at the off_corso and at Locus 010

Locus 010 from 11.00 until 17.00
off_corso from 14.00 until 18.00
Full Day Pas (incudes all workshops on that day) 10€ or 5€ for students (show student card)


:: François Naudé, South Africa
Wednesday Oct. 02 is a community website based on various projects, such as a discussion forum, photo.album, library and happy_birthday. I will discuss the conceptual strategies implemented for alt.sense and my observations of the community that has evolved around it.

:: Nikola Tosic, Italy
Thursday Oct. 03

Nikola will explore the impulsive [UN] rational creative mind by letting you create a website in a very short time. After the creation he'll discuss the results to make you conscious of the creation process.
[ ! ] This workshop has a limit of 10 people.,

:: Rosanne van Klaveren, NL
The art of lying
Thursday Oct 03

Dynamic and static visual mixing techniques , Thursday Oct. 04
Rosanne will talk about her work of virtual realities and the art of lying. +

:: Joost Kosir, DirtyBrownVisuals, NL
Dynamic and static visual mixing techniques
Friday Oct. 04

VJ-ing with a drill? Joost created and use a variety of different [oldskool] hardware to generate his DirtyBrownVisuals. He'll demonstrate how to make a video mixer of a drill or how to use other tools in different styles.

:: Coffee and sandwiches with random artists
Friday Oct. 04 between 11.00h and 13.00h

Chat, discuss, brainstorm, work or just drink a coffee and eat a sandwich with artist of the festival. We will ask as many invited artist as available to come. The rest of the interaction is on you. [list of artists will be published]

CHECK for full schedule [under the program buton]


:: Amy Franceschini, US + Ben Dean, US + Guy van Belle, BE
Workshop Max MSP
Tuesday, Oct. 02

This workshop will have several levels, an introduction for beginners, a Q&A for the freaks and an introduction of a new project + a platform for Max MSP. only 10 G4's are available for use, if you have a Mac G4 laptop you can hook up at the network.
Amy: , Guy:

:: Golan Levin
Audio Visual Software.
Saturday, Oct. 05

In one dystopia, we project ourselves into the art supply store of the near future. The wind howls through the room, whose shelves are empty but for three small cartons: Flash, Photoshop, Illustrator. For today's digital designers -- many of whom have eagerly adopted the narrow horizons dictated by this small handful of commercial products -- this vision is, I claim, already a reality. And the unquestioned hegemony of these tools has launched an unprecedented proliferation of homogenous and disposable electronic designs.To state that computers can offer an unimaginably greater world of possible forms than these products is not techno-optimism; as computers are provably capable of simulating any other machine, it is mathematical fact. My own work is simply one person's attempt to reclaim computation as a personal medium of expression. In my design practice, I focus the radical plasticity of the computational medium on an examination of non-verbal communications protocols

Golan Levin is an artist, composer and designer interested in developing artifacts and experiences which explore supple new modes of computational expression. His work has focused on the design of systems for the creation, manipulation and performance of simultaneous image and sound, as part of a more general examination of communications protocols for individual engagement and non-verbal dialogue.

Levin received undergraduate and graduate degrees from the MIT Media Laboratory, where he studied with John Maeda in the Aesthetics and Computation Group. Prior to this, he worked as a research scientist and interaction designer at Interval Research Corporation for four years. He currently resides in New York City, where he teaches interaction design at The Cooper Union School of Art and the Parsons School of Design. Levin is represented by the Bitforms Gallery, New York City.

:: Claus Wahlers, Germany + Sebastian Schnitzenbaumer + Stefano Debenedetti, Italy
Thursday, Oct. 03

Flash And X-Technologies The New World Order?
Most developers who deal with Flash Actionscript programming most likely know about XML. Only few of them see the big picture though. The world beyond XML, the world of X-Technologies, the future of the web. This presentation will introduce the intermediate Flash developer and everyone who is interested in “what the web can be” to this world and show that todays browser generation and especially Macromedia’s Flash Player 6 are able to render those new technologies NOW. This presentation will give insights about technologies developed by the W3C such as XSLT, CSS, SVG and Xforms, how all of those formats are linked, the pro’s and con’s of the Flash File Format versus X-Technologies, especially the SVG format, and shows details about the Mozquito DENG MX Modular X-Browser, an XML/CSS/XFORMS rendering engine written entirely in Flash MX Actionscript. Last but not least, of course, it is all about Ministry.

Sebastian "schnitz" schnitzenbaumer (mozquito founder and co-chair of the w3c xforms working group) and Stefano Debenedetti (member DENG team) will bring his doepfer modular synthesizer and some other gadgets to accompany the workshop with live sounds and audio effects.

CHECK for full schedule [under the program buton]


Presentations will be at the off_corso from 19.00 until 23.00

some Highlights [see for the full program]

:: Hans Bernhard, etoy.HANS;etoy.BRAINHARD,hans_extrem, net_CALLBOY, Austria
MEDIA HACKING by ubermorgen and etoy
[!] Opening Tuesday Oct 01 [FREE]

the etoy.CORPORATION is a controversial global player online since 1994. etoy uses the corporate structure to maximize cultural value: the final link in the value chain. For etoy the dramatic problems of globalization are not to be solved by simply rejecting global markets, economic exchange, or multinational corporations. instead etoy concentrates on the values which drive companies, culture, individuals and politics. By sharing risk, resources, maintaining a strong brand and maximizing the shareholder value, the etoy.CORPORATION seeks to explore social, cultural and financial value.
etoy.SHAREHOLDERS invest time, knowledge, and ideas (or simply finance) etoy.OPERATIONS which focus on the overlap of entertainment, cultural, social and economic values. etoy.SHAREHOLDERS participate in a dynamic artwork that takes place 24 hours a day in the middle of society -- on and offline. + +


Production: Boogieman i.o.v. VPRO
Ffukkie Slim crew: Hans Wessels + Martijn van den Bos + Lucas de Peinder + Ferry van schijndel
Voices: Emilio Guzman + Raymond Campfens

:: Neville Mars, NL

Architecture discovered New Media!? Architect Neville Mars talk and shows us his vision on the marriage of Architecture and new media and the future of city landscapes.

:: Damian Stephens aka Dplanet, South Africa
Dplanet ::
Wednesday, Oct. 03

"Penetrating and re-coding cultural systems for ideological mind share"
dplanet::® is a radical business, technology and cultural consultancy which delivers explicit outcomes through the rapid application and support of advanced information systems, technology, cultural products and interventions.

Show: 4 short dp : :_AVA.promoz [Audio.Visual.Assault]
Talk: ACR™ [Alternative Corporate Reality] System
Listen: Collaborative sound work with Dplanet :: affiliate James Webb
Listen: Collaborative sound work with Dplanet :: affiliate Zubz
Dplanet :: + ACR™ + +

:: Amy Franceschini, US
Futurefarmers: Cultivating Your Consciousness
Friday, Oct. 04

Presentation and talk about her diverse and inspiring work.
Amy Franceschini is the founding member of Futurefarmers and Atlas Magazine: The Internet's first webzine. Since 1995, Futurefarmers has been designing on and offline new media experiments for clients, galleries, and museums. Published this year,
Harvest is an anthology of Futurefarmers work from 1995-2002. This book features 180 pages of their work and a cdrom of theircollaborators. In 1997, Futurefamers started an Artist in Residency Program which has hosted over 15 artists from
around the world. Internationally know for excellence, Futurefarmers create ground breaking online experiences which have been recently recognized in the Whitney Biennial and next year in the National Design Triennial at the Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Musuem in New York. Amy has been doing sculptural installations for galleries as well as online artworks since 1995. She holds her MFA from Stanford University and is currently teaching New Media courses in the Art Department there. Amy was born to a farming family and grew up between her mother's organic farm on the coast of California and her father's pesticide ridden farms in the San Joaquin Valley. Her work has
been influenced by this dichotomy and she finds herself searching for a balance between these two paradigms-- looking for the Future Farm.

:: WeWorkForThem, Mike Cina + Micheal Young, US
WeWorkForThem and OurWorkForThem.
Friday, Oct. 04

The duo Mike Cina and Micheal Young will talk and show their characteristic and extra ordinary artwork. Their style of [web]design, video, print, systems, font types, trademarks, etc. is very recognizable and inspires or influence many people around the world.

YouWorkForThem was founded as the people's source for aiding and accelerating culture through innovative developments. This fine knit administration operates within an aggressive and integrated network, all nodes working together; providing an engaging cultural experience for the common man and woman.

YouWorkForThem is constantly broadening, with new divisions birthed by the sentiment of supply and demand. Each division is created once the Congress and House of YouWorkForThem agree in tandem on the motivations of requisition. Upon approval, inner and external structures are organized to levy that subset and an Administration Advisor is appointed. The division is then released publicly and it is up to the "People" to make proper use of it.

YouWorkForThem posesses approximately 2 Chief Administrators and a large number of "Employees", performing professional, administrative, technical, and maintenance operations throughout the network.

YouWorkForThem is a cultural service provider for you, him, her and them. + Mike Cina + Micheal Young

:: Peter Greenaway [presentation//workshop]
The Tulse Luper Suitcases project.
Saturday, Oct. 05, 17.30h till 18.00

This workshop//Presentation of Peter Greenaway is about the whole Tulse Luper Suitcases project and the collaboration with Adapter's transfusion network. Transfusion network is a global network of pioneering [multi media]_artists and artistic minds.

"I have been thinking and dreaming for a long while now of some sort of ultimate project for myself to work out, define and elaborate my fascinations in the new languages, to make, in effect, a bench-mark work to see what has been achieved in the post-television information age.

The project is called THE TULSE LUPER SUITCASES and has a secondary title of; ‘A Fictive History of Uranium’. It is a multi-media affair, consisting of three two-hour feature films - to be considered as one long film - each part to be premiered at the three successive film festivals of Berlin 2003, Cannes 2003 and Berlin 2004, in association with a series of DVDs, Cd-roms (if there still is a place for them in contemporary usage technology), a 16 x 30 minute television programme series, a major website with attendant websites, and a shelf full of books. The whole project is also to be realized, in whole or in part, in several languages." Peter Greenaway

Adapter's transfusion network will be involved in creating the digital online versions of the 92 suitcases of the Tulse Luper Suitcases project. These suitcases forming the red line in the movie and will be made by using a wide range of cutting edge software applications and design, exploring the boundaries of a new visual language to tell the multi linear stories of the Tulse Luper Suitcases.

Therefore we will invite many pioneering multi media artist around the world during the next 3 years to design and make them. These artists will create them in Rotterdam at Adapter's transfusion lab. This will be followed up by seminars, presentations and workshops about the results at Off-corso during the Adapter activities. Students of the Willem the Kooning Academy Rotterdam will be closely involved in this process continuously and participate in the creation of several suitcases in collaboration with the artists.

05. SPECIAL*_.

4 HOUR. on-going Multi_MEDIA SHOW_
@ the St Laurenschurch

MOTION_tracking systems + LOCAL + [INTER]_ National artists
+ [Inter]_ACTIVE Performances + Visual DRUGS
+ Live [soundscapable]_Music + Modern [Xperimental]_Dance . . .

:: On Saturday night we will have an on going show @ the st. Laurenschurch
of several unique collaborations with [new media] artists, musicians and modern dancers.
The particular architectural space will be filled with a balance of light, sound,
environmental pleasure in the form of live performances & technology.

:: Musical storytellers
Tablloyd + Mos [Red-Eyed}

:: Philemon Mukarno
"Elia Demostra" [Opening] :: Composition + Live electronics: Philemon Mukarno :: Organ: Jeroen Roffel :: Carillon: Gideon Bodden,

:: Lab [AU], sPACE, navigable music
Manuel Abendroth + Mike Redman
Based on the sPACE, navigable music online project [ ] by the belgian groupe of lab|au|, laboratory for architecture and urbanism the workshop explores the interrelation of music, architecture and cinema in electeronic spaces. As a hypermedia project it establishes inFORMation processes. computation, communication and editing, as a mixed reality within its performative setting of electronic music. This Performance is a result of a collaboration of Lab [AU] and Mike Redman. Redman is an energetic, straight to the point talented MC, rapper video and music producer who produced the music for this collaboration with Lab [AU]
MadreTTor | colaboration project.

:: Dos Pianos 6 minuten
composition + electronics: Felipe Santiago Pérez :: Choreography + dance: Jasmine Morand and Arina Joensen, :: Dance: George Silva + Steve Lorenz :: Visuals: Tijmen van Vlier + Wineke Remmerswaal :: Costumes: Vera Broekman

"Flash animated cyber-sex-toys''

:: Special composed musical decoration.

:: APE [Advanced_Primitif_Ensemble]
Audio-visual performance :: Maurizio Martinucci + Tijn Kortekaas + Anton Abbes

:: Quantum Ether / Transcarnation
Composition + live music :: Florian Magnus Maier :: Choreography + dance: Sanja Hasagic :: Dance: Marco Jodes :: Sculptures: Ralf Fischer :: Costumes: Lione Giessen :: Make-up: Ed Thijsen :: Light design + audio technique: Lorenz Grassi

:: 'Life is in constructed Disorder'
JANETTA A3ANA [Planet Art] :: Digitale film-presentation

:: Motion tracking
David Kousemaker

:: 100 10 1
Golan Levin

:: A.b.a.d.a. Capoeira Rotterdam
Neguinho Renato

+ + + + +

:: Technics: New Performance
:: Decor: aerosole
:: Light: Mike Pothof
:: Production: Stichting Kunst & Welzijn
:: Directed: Eduard von Lindheim

CHECK for full schedule [under the program buton]


:: OFFSHOOTS by Amy Franceschini
Start @the Opening: Tuesday Oct. 01 2 the off_corso lounge, This project will stay the whole week.[FREE]

Physical description: Offshoots takes the form of a potting shed equip with kitchenette, library and sitting area.
The open architecture invites viewers to participate in the space and in the exchange of plants and information.
The main structure is two medium sized tables and a small coffee table for visitors to sit and browse
books that are made available in a make-shift library. The library is made up of books that range from issues
of permaculture, ecology, nature to art, technology and architecture. A small kitchenette will provide organic coffee
and tea made from herbs gathered from backyards.

Concept: Offshoots is a project by Amy Franceschini which embraces the notions of community and nature. She stared on a small scale
with her neighbors, by collecting offshoots of cacti and herbs from their backyards and distributing them freely to the public from her mobile potting shed. Each offshoot is distributed with soil, a pot, and care instructions. These items are packaged in a handmade bag and sealed with a tag that identifies the plant and the donor of the plant. (some donors ask to remain anonymous, others offer email address and
become part of the offshoots community. many have emailed their offshoots growth patterns)

The bag is a money bag which banks use to distribute money. This bag serves as a metaphor for distributing not only the wealth of nature, but the wealth of those with backyards in cities. This distribution project and site is a vehicle to cultivate a consciousness of the fragile natural environment that we live in and the need to continually engage in its wonders.

NOTE: You can mail Amy [ ] if you like to donate an offshoot from your garden or help her with this project.


:: We are very thankfull for the help and support of the people from:

Stichting Kunst & Welzijn (production), Off Corso, Stichting Locus 010, Stichting Grote of St. Laurenskerk, Lantaren /Venster, Ontwikkelingsbedrijf Rotterdam, I-Portal, Fonds voor Podium programmering & Marketing, Mondriaan Stichting Interregeling, Rotterdamse Kunststichting, Rotterdam Festivals, Stichting Bevordering van Volkskracht, Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds Rotterdam, Centrum voor Beeldende Kunst Rotterdam, VSB Fonds Rotterdam, Stichting Lokale Omroep Rotterdam, Planet Art, V2, Steim, Koninklijk Conservatorium Den Haag, Hoge School voor de Kunsten Utrecht, Willem de Kooning Academie Rotterdam, Unit 13, Hogeschool voor Muziek en Dans Rotterdam

and of corse ALL volunteers & ARTISTS who make this happen! :-)


the MadreTTor team.