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[Nettime-nl] online net.art course

Net.art In Depth
Online 9 weeks beginning March 17
New School University in NYC
Instructor: Laurie Halsey Brown 
(digital artist from NYC, now based in holland)
To register: http://www.dialnsa.edu>>courses and registration
Net.art will be discussed within a framework of theoretical concerns surrounding media such as: narrative, identity, interaction, authenticity, translocality, hybridity, communication and information systems. Students are expected to have some background in new media or media in general. The class will be research and discussion-based; students will take an active role in researching topics for each class and write short essays which will be posted in order to form a dialogue. Final projects are encouraged to be in web form. Readings from Arjun Appadurai; Andreas Broeckman; Tetsuo Kogawa; Mark Tribe; Bruce Sterling; Lev Manovich; Curt Cloninger etc.

Class ONE- online introductions
Class TWO-INTERACTIVITY-what is it?
Class THREE- AUTHENTICITY- why new media isn’t new: a (brief) history
Class FOUR – IDENTITY-who we are online
Class FIVE – COMMUNICATION- e-mail, blogs etc
Class SIX – NARRATIVE- what narrative has become via net.art
CLASS SEVEN– INFORMATION SYSTEMS-web cams: works investigating surveillance, voyeurism
CLASS NINE- HYBRIDITY-interdisciplinary philosophies

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