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[Nettime-nl] Art and New Media - Lectures @ Jan van Eyck Academie

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Subject: Art and New Media - Jan van Eyck Academie invites…

Jan van Eyck Academie invites…

Art and New Media
Lectures and debates

28 February – 1 March 2003

On Friday 28 February and Saturday 1 March three activities on art and
new media will take place at the Jan van Eyck Academie in Maastricht.
Interested parties are more than welcome to attend the lectures and

28 February | 14.00 – 17.00 hours | Media Cultures/Petri Dishes
Anticipating the round table of Saturday 1 March several lectures will
take place:
- Alev Adil (writer and filmtheoretician, London) - Art into ashes
- Tony Ackroyd  (3D modelling/animations, London) - 3D modelling (or
how to make skin crawl on inanimate objects)
- James Swinson (video- and filmmaker, Londen) - Urban Poetics/Montage
- Despina Papadopoulos (inventor wearable technologies, New York) -
What is 'moi’? A small display of desire-technologies
Moderator: Jannah Loontjens (philosopher, poet and writer, Amsterdam)

28 February | 19.00 – 21.30 hours | Art and New Media - Exploring the
We are facing a rapid cross fertilisation of art and new media. New
forms of digital art are constantly emerging, but the esthetical
exploration of these new forms is still largely to be established.
Which theoretical frameworks are most apt to reflect upon the
esthetical implications of digital art?
The event is part of Art in Dispute, a series of debates organised by
Prof. Dr Antoon Van den Braembussche on behalf of the Dutch Association
of Aesthetics (NGE).

Moderator: Antoon Van den Braembussche (Philosopher of Art, Erasmus
University Rotterdam and the Free University of Brussels) Panel members:
Yves Bernard (iMal group of Brussels, artist/theorist specialised in
Interactive Art Projects), Sue Golding <Johnny de philo> (Chair of
Philosophy in the Visual Arts and Communication Technologies (London)
and advising researcher, Department of Theory, Jan van Eyck Academie,
Maastricht), Giles Lane (Research Fellow in Communication, Art &
Design, School of Communications, Royal College of Art, London,
Visiting Research Associate at the London School of Economics and
director of Proboscis), Renée van de Vall (Philosopher of art,
University of Maastricht. Member Dutch association of Aesthetics)

1 March | 14.00 – 17.00 hours | What are Media?
In continuing pursuit of the somewhat elusive 'what is/what are?'
question(s), the department of Theory at the Jan van Eyck Academie
presents its second roundtable: What are media? Practitioners in the
field, critics, and inhabitors of philosophy, design and the arts wish
to discuss around the table what is meant when speaking of this all
consuming word 'media'.

Moderator: Sue Golding <johnny de philo> (Chair of Philosophy in the
Visual Arts and Communication Technologies (London) and advising
researcher, Department of Theory, Jan van Eyck Academie, Maastricht).
Mirela Adascalitei (theorist/artist, Brasov), Tony Ackroyd (3-D
animations, London), Alev Adil (writer, film theorist, London), Berto
Aussems (technical advisor time based media Jan van Eyck Academie,
Maastricht), Guy de Bièvre (acoustic arts/theory, Brussels), Norman
Bryson (art history and criticism, London/Maastricht), Viki Carolan
(maritime theorist/writer, London), Ole Frahm (theorist, radio,
Hamburg), Johnny Golding (philosopher/visual-acoustics media,
London/Maastricht), Dominiek Hoens (philosopher, Ghent), Steve Kennedy
(musician and media theorist/DJ, London), Marc De Kesel (philosopher,
Ghent/Maastricht), Giles Lane (soundscape artist and producer, London),
Andrea Lassalle (philosopher/writer, Berlin), Sarah Leisdovich
(philosopher/writer/video, Brussels), Jannah Loontjens
(philosopher/poet/writer, Amsterdam), Mairead McClean (filmmaker,
art/film theorist, London), Nat Muller (theorist/web-net player,
Rotterdam), Despina Papadoupolos (wearable technologies, New York),
Johannes Porsch (architect/philosopher, Vienna/L. A.), Anna Maria
Schober (philosopher, Vienna), James Swinson (Video and
filmmaker/sci-arts, London), Friedrich Tietjen (art historian/writer,

See for more information on the speakers, panel members and

The lectures and debates are free of admission and take place at the
Jan van Eyck Academie, Academieplein 1 in Maastricht [NL].

For more information please contact Madeleine Bisscheroux

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