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[Nettime-nl] voor n5m4 bezoekers: doe mee aan swap meet



For the Next 5 Minutes 4, De Geuzen is organizing a swap meet where 
tactical traditions, such as buttons, flyers, T-shirts, pie throwing, 
stencils and stickers can be displayed and generally talked about. 
For the event we are designing around 25 blankets that will operate 
as a  tactical interface.  Made to be viewed vertically as a banner, 
or horizontally as a surface, or from above as a shelter, our 
blankets are a kind of nomadic, carry-all, platform for attending 

For the first days of the conference the blankets will circulate both 
inside and outside various venues of the Next 5 Minutes. Owners will 
quite literally unfold them and squat or occupy any space they see 
fit to air their wares and promote their cause.  At a time and 
location to be announced, the blankets and their owners will converge 
in a single place for a turbo exchange of tactical traditions. 
Audiences/participants will be able to peruse a variety of goods on 
view or participate in a series of "show and tell"/how-to lessons 
held at the same location.  The space will be a cross between a junk 
sale and a DIY center where computers converge with ironing boards 
and the dilettante is valued as the expert. 

In preparation for the Swap Meet we have set-up a weblog for people 
to get to know each other and exchange ideas, resources, and know-how 
in advance of the event. We will also use the site for documentation 
and hopefully continue the debate around tactical traditions long 
after the event is over.


If you want to register for a blanket and/or you would like to post 
on the blog please send your name and email address to:

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