Karoly Toth on Tue, 2 Sep 2003 16:56:36 +0200 (CEST)

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15:13 2-9-03
we crosspost / no fear


(for indo-europeans)
hereby, the reports of the recent screenings of the nanofestival(s).
many thanks again for the contributors, and the nanofestival hosts who make
the screenings possible.

(fort non-indo-europeans)
beszámolók a legujabb nanofestiválokrol.
ezennel szeretném ujra köszönetemet kifejezni a résztvevöknek a beküldött
munkákért, és a rendezöknek, hogy lehetövé teszik a nanofesztivál

yours, károly tóth & veronika lászló
üdv. t.k. & l.v.

nanofestival / zeroglab r:dam
a very fast festival
for very short art


15:13 2-9-03

0.0 the nanofestival v.002 beta version is on line.

the nano-crew is just back from vacation and working on the final
version. there is some a-sync. in the release of v.002.
reasons: millions.

0.1 since the nanofestival is announced as a no budget, open source
festival, i feel the need to mention, that the first time,
i got a honorarium for a nano screening + travel costs paid + accomodation +
food for free in stralsund at the g-niale short film festival.
the honorarium was 150 euro. i have spend it for good food, refreshment by
means of alcoholic and less alcoholic fluids, flirt with the other sex,
relaxation, social intercourse, shampoo+tooth brush, the rest has been
recycled into the project.

1. nanosrceenings page updated >> for more, please see

2. screening at the stralsund g-niale short film festival (part of
garage festival) nice people, well organized, well informed, well connected,
festival with international allures, and yet, an alternative character.
baltic see, lots of films seen. baltic fish+bier=yummy. 
from the professional point of view: it was the first nano screening
where the nanofilms where shown with other (real (just kidding))
films, mainly produced within the framework of the film industry. 
this contrast with the nano films did a good job, the flavors of
this new genre where extremely clear and almost touchable. the credit
for realizing this goes to the g-niale organizers. all other credits are for
the makers of the nano films. they where great. 

3. screening at the cityscape event in rotterdam, organized by
i have seen only the 3rd day of the screenings of which the
nanofestival was a part of. just arrived from stralsund, the same
evening. huge outdoor screen on the streen, in the very center of rotterdam.
summer night. people liked it. for the rest, pretty much the same
notes as for the g-niale screenings.

4. screening Arte Digital Rosario 2003 muestra nr0 
The Center of Contemporary Expressions in Rosario / Argentina.
organizer: Gabriel Otero (and others)
remotely curated nanoscreening. i have sent a nanocd to argentina in
a nice dvd box, printed a cover with the paprika, 'nanofestival'
in arabic, and info txt.

5. vacation in france.
marseille: sucks /le pen sucks /rats of marseille sucks 
aix en provence: sucks (car thiefs broke into our car)
cannes: sucks
st. tropez: sucks
vine chateaus > OK > 1 box red, one box red kept in oak (3 years
old), one box rosé.
huge areas of pine forests are burning or burned out in the
south-provence/riviera area.
cote d'azur: sucks/beautyfull
you can not move, it is packed with people.
alps+mont blanc: OK.
french pop music: sucks
sum: it was OK.

yours karoly toth (zeroglab)

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