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[Nettime-nl] sound performance | friday 12th september | 23:30 hrs. | De Ruimte

SMART Project Space | 1ste Constantijn Huygensstraat 20 | 020 427 5951

Monthly series in wich the boundaries between music and art will be explored. Curated by Alex Cecchetti.

Sound performance: Friday 12th September, 23:30

Electric-pop, minimal structures, and several apparitions in the world of the contemporary art, this is the Italian duo BHF. Since the beginning of their adventure in electronic music, they have arranged several sound-tracks including the installations and sculptures of Patric Tuttofuoco (The zone, Venice Biennal 2003) with him again, they will present a Live to the Museum Kunst Palace in Dusseldorf. 
Interested in traditional compositions and carefully considering the essential nature of sound waves, they build complex tools developed in order to be completely self-sufficient. For Smart Project Space they will increase the beats of their drum machine, and will play in cafe de Ruimte bringing about a lyrical vibrancy to the geometrical wall, painted by the artist Jan van der Ploeg.

Location: Cafe De Ruimte

Entrance: Free

For information please contact Jacco Musper

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