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[Nettime-nl] Corporate Europe: 'Lobby Planet' Guide to Brussels e.o.

'Lobby Planet' Guide to Brussels

 CEO's new 24-page 'Lobby Planet' guide to the EU quarter introduces
 you to some of the most powerful corporations, PR firms, think-tanks
 and industry groups operating in Brussels. The guidebook describes
 the increasingly harmful impacts of corporate lobbying and spin on EU
 decision-making. The 'Lobby Planet' guide is available online:
 For information on how to order a print copy, go to:

Corporate lobbying power sparks debate

 Over 120 NGOs from all over Europe have now signed on to the open
 letter calling upon Commission President Barroso "to act immediately
 to curb the excessive influence of corporate lobby groups over EU
 policymaking". The demands were instantly rejected by interests
 groups representing Brussels-based professional lobbyists and the
 European Commission has in its first reaction defended the status
 quo, but it looks like the long overdue debate about corporate
 lobbying power has finally started. For an overview of recent
 developments, see: http://www.corporateeurope.org/lobbydebate.html

 Power Struggles over Biotech in Brussels

 Biotech companies, NGOs and EU institutions are engaged in a fierce,
 unfinished battle over new rules on genetically modified food and
 agriculture. The new briefing "Power Struggles over Biotech in
 Brussels" presents an overview of the biotech battlefield in

Corporate Europe Observatory (CEO), is a European-based research and
campaign group targeting the threats to democracy, equity, social
justice and the environment posed by the economic and political power of
corporations and their lobby groups.

 Corporate Europe Observatory (CEO)
 Paulus Potterstraat 20
 1071 DA Amsterdam
 tel/fax: +31-20-612-7023
 e-mail: ceo@corporateeurope.org
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