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[Nettime-nl] [ STEIM ] Off-Beat Turntablism Workshop

STEIM presents:

off-beat turntablism workshop
by wolfgang fuchs

all people interested in experimental use and hacking of turntables are 
invited to join this event. after a tour through the history of 
turntablism and plunderphonics - with use of audio-samples - several 
methods of deriving non-rhythmic music out of common records played 
with a standard dj-setup are presented.

hidden sounds, errors, cuts and dust play an important role in this 
approach to understand and play records as interface of a stand-alone 
instrument. another motivation of the 'off-beat'-session is the 
demystification and a new definition of the dj's role in modern and 
temporary musical practise.

after presenting different playing techniques and handling of material, 
the workshop will turn into an open experimental lab, where 
participants are invited to play with the on-site equipment and talk 
about the experiences made.

more info:
about the workshop:
about wolfgang:


date: january 26th 2005
time: 10h - 16h
place: STEIM (achtergracht 19 / amsterdam)
cost: € 40

registration can only be done through the steim website (
necessary equipment will be available.

for more information please visit or email 

please let others interested know about this workshop.

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