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[Nettime-nl] East Area videosalon zaterdag 11.12

From: East Area <>

Videosalon East Area presents:

Saturday, December 11th   4. p.m.

Contemporary documentary film from/about Russia.

Bits of history and modern life of Russia's two capitals, full of contrasts,
interesting people and unexpected happenings, in 4 short documentaries by
two young talented filmmakers: Michael Jeleznikov (RU) and Jan Jaap Kuiper

Tales on the Marshes/ Skazki na Bolote (Michael Jeleznikov, film animation,
5 min., 2002)

An ironic video-essay on St. Petersburg and its people. Different periods in
the city's history may come and go, but the Neva would still flood the city
every autumn. Screened at 15 international film festivals (Tampere FF, FIPA,
Leipzig IFF, dokumentART, Message to Man, etc.), received several awards.

Lara, Her Dogness/ Ee Sobachestvo Lara (Michael Jeleznikov , 16 min., 2003)

Lara sells newspapers near a metro station in support of homeless pets. But
few of her customers know, that the elderly activist lady shares her room in
kommunalka with 21 dogs. Ups and downs of everyday life of this strange
family, their relationship with neighbours and the outside world portrayed
in an underground documentary.

Inside Outside (Jan Jaap Kuiper, 5 min., 2004).

A short video about disappearing. A documentary about getting up and having
a shower. A small film about inside and outside, her world and the world. An
excuse to show a lot of beautiful buildings. Inside Outside is the first
concrete result of ThankEve's ongoing project documenting the architecture
and inhabitants of St. Petersburg's new suburbs.

Neformat (Jan Jaap Kuiper, 28 min., 2003)

A documentary focusing on Moscow's underground music scene. Ignored by radio
stations and record companies, Moscow's neformat ("non-mainstream") bands
have managed to combine Russia's singer-songwriter tradition with western
underground influences.   NEformat features the Moscow-based bands Uly,
Sedmaya Rasa and Deti Khurmy.

All films are in Russian with English subtitles.

After the screening: drinks, discussion

Entree: 2 euro

Members of East Area friends' club: 1 euro

On December 12-17 East Area is closed for the set up of a new exhibition:
Darko Fritz. The Migrant Navigator project.

For more info see:

Address: Jodenbreestraat 24
(in the basement of Fort van Sjakoo bookshop)
tel. (020) 624 5747

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