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[Nettime-nl] FW: Invitation: ART PARTY to benefit the HTV "Save a Melting Iceberg in One Day" Friday 27th January

INVITATION TO ART PARTY Save a Melting Iceberg in One  Day
Een eendaagse expositie van werk op papier  gedoneerd door kunstenaars. De
kunstwerken zijn te koop voor slechts â 25 per stuk !  A onedayexpo of
paperwork donated by artists. The artworks are for sale for only â 25 each !
OT301 (voormalige  filmacademie / former filmacadamy), Overtoom 301,
Vrijdag 27 januari  2006 / Friday January 26th 2006
17:00 - 22:00 uur
entree: 5  euro
prijs kunstwerken / price artworks: 25 euro (cash & carry, dus kom op tijd)
With a special performance by âLes Bif-tecs â and  DJ âMiddle of  the Roadâ.

De opbrengst van de kunstverkoop komt geheel ten goede aan kunstblad the HTV
(voorheen Het Topje Van de  IJsberg).

Er is werk te zien en te koop van onder andere / works on view and sale by
(amongst others)
David Almeida (Florida)
Joke Baas 
Marjan Borsjes 
Karin Bos 
Atti vd Brink 
Allard van Hoorn (Barcelona)
Lotte Klaver 
Eva Krause 
Sandra Kruisbrink 
Marc Kuyper 
Wilfried Lansink 
Astrid Moors 
Katarina Sonnewend (Berlijn)
Niels Staal 
Marli Turion 

The HTV  was founded in 1994 (back then it was called Het Topje Van de
IJsberg) to  supply a platform for arts initiatives in the Netherlands.
Nowadays the HTV  has grown into a widely recognized arts magazine that
plays a significant role  in Dutch cultural climate. The HTV is published
six times a year in an edition  of 10.000 copies and is available for free
at all major cultural institutes in  the Netherlands, Belgium and
incidentally even further abroad.
The HTV  provides the opportunity for arts students and starting artists to
publish  their work next to that of well known artists. Together with
articles written  by philosophers, writers and curators the HTV keeps
actively contributing to  the ongoing discourse in contemporary arts.
Furthermore the agenda and ads in  the HTV function as a source of
information. The HTV is there to inspire and  inform.
All this  has been made possible by our contributors, sponsors, advertisers
and staff,  editors and artists who run the HTV, all as volunteers.
Unfortunately our  funds are outsourced and the future of the HTV is
insecure. Therefore we  urgently ask you to support the HTV by participating
in our fundraising event  âSave a Melting Iceberg in One Dayâ.

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