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[Nettime-nl] open call netporn conference

Open Call for Contributions ? Deadline November 30

In June 2007 the second international academic conference on internet
pornography will take place in Amsterdam. We are currently looking for
academics that are working on this subject and would like to present their
work for an international audience.
In October of 2005 the Institute of Network Cultures, in collaboration
with Katrien Jacobs and Matteo Pasquinelli, hosted the first edition: 'The
Art & Politics of Netporn.' Some of the speakers were: Mark Dery, Mikita
Brottman and Susanna Paasonen. Subjects ranged from the sexual grotesque
to feminist matters to realcore and to the issue of online censorship. For
more information about this conference you can visit our website:
For our second conference writers, critics and people from the industry
will talk about their work, research and findings in the field. Next to
that, there will be an exhibition and a night with artistic performances.
The topics for the next conference will be:
-	the revolution of alt pornography
-	porn niches and ?trans? gender
-	globalization of porn and the influence of ethnic minorities
-	politics of netporn: censorship, new rights and nightmares.

If you think your work is suitable, please send us an abstract of approx.
200 words before November 30 to:
The first conference was very successfull and made it possible for people
to meet each other and exchange views on this topic that is still a taboo.
We are looking forward to a second edition with fresh faces and new

For more information or questions:

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