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[Nettime-nl] 'MediumGallery Amsterdam Preview' presents: Serge Lammerts and Eva Schippers; ''7 attemps to loose eachother''

Project by Serge Lammerts and Eva Schippers
Titled: "7 attemps to loose eachother"


     April 7th – April 13th every day 09:00 - 21:00hrs

The MediumGallery is exploring the possibilties to expand. While the
preparations of a second galleryspace are still in progres, the
MediumGallery shows a tryout:

the "MediumGallery Amsterdam Preview"

Serge Lammerts and Eva Schippers will do a artistic reasearch that
conserns two people trying to loose eachother on 4 square meters in 7

MediumGallery Amsterdam Preview
Nieuwe Leliestraat 35 hs
1015 SJ Amsterdam
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