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[Nettime-nl] Interactive Media Show of alumni Frank Mohr Institute at Gallery Sign



OPENING April 20 16.00-19.00 hours
EXHIBITION April 21 and 22
ADRESS: Gallery Sign
Winschoterkade 10, Groningen.

Showing work of:
Arno Coenen
Anja Hertenberger
Isabelle Jenniches
Michiel Koelink
Josien Niebuur
Adger Stokvisch

Masterprogram for Interactive Media and Environments (IME)

Interactive media and environment (IME) is an inter-disciplinary studio program
for experimental art research; through media and computer generated art.

The program includes development of digital art in performances, sculpture, installations, interactive events, moving images and sound.
The art works are realized through for example web based works, artistic software development, video, (3D) computer animations, digital imaging. Works can be generated through specific programming and electronics;
but also through exploring our perception of daily used applications such a video, blog, Ipod, interface, GSM, touch screen.

In these art works ‘interaction’ is a medium; concepts for interaction require an articulate position on the use of interactivity - and it’s message.
As visionary story-tellers participants are stimulated to explore the experience of new technologies in the context of a hybrid environment and a changing society.

Art & Science
The program includes knowledge and reflection on (computer-mediated) art
and media theory.
- Participants are challenged to investigate the intersections of art, technology and science, and thus become acquainted with contents and contexts creating a changing relation to the traditional definition of art.
- Within the program different lines of research can take place. In collaboration with the University of Groningen, participants of the Frank Mohr Institute can among others choose to relate their work to scientific researches - including digital communication, ambient intelligence, artificial life, algorithmic art, nano-technology, artificial intelligence, social studies, studies on memory and others.

About the program
Participants have studios, and are supported by media theory tutors, artists, technical assistance and in a media lab.
The works of the participating professionals are backed up by reflection and art theoretical depth. Theoretical skills will be developed through both written text as well as debate.
The complexity of (interactive) media practice requires clear structures in which skills, knowledge and vision come together. Participants choose their combination of disciplines, deepen their own skills and collaborations in which they direct others, and in which the institute can facilitate.
The program includes visits and participation in (international) art shows and conferences.

Arie Altena (theory tutor)
Karen Lancel (principal tutor, artist)

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