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[Nettime-nl] Edge.org article: WHO SAYS WE KNOW ; On the New Politics of Knowledge by Larry Sanger (mede-oprichter Wikipedia)

Leek me wel iets voor Net-timers:

In the Middle Ages, we were told what we knew by the Church; after the
printing press and the Reformation, by state censors and the licensers of
publishers; with the rise of liberalism in the 19th and 20th centuries, by
publishers themselves, and later by broadcast media—in any case, by a small,
elite group of professionals.

But we are now confronting a new politics of knowledge, with the rise of the
Internet and particularly of the collaborative Web—the Blogosphere,
Wikipedia, Digg, YouTube, and in short every website and type of aggregation
that invites all comers to offer their knowledge and their opinions, and to
rate content, products, places, and people.  It is particularly the *
aggregation* of public opinion that instituted this new politics of

hele artikel: http://www.edge.org/3rd_culture/sanger07/sanger07_index.html
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