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[Nettime-nl] Sunday 3rd / Monday 4th June [ DNK Amsterdam - N Collective ]

DNK amsterdam - concert series for new live electronic and acoustic music.

Sunday 3 June OT301 / Monday 4 June STEIM.

Ultralyd and the N Ensemble, Office-R(6), Kjetil Brandsdal and Anders Hana.

DNK and the N Collective present two evenings - Sunday at OT301 and Monday at STEIM.

Sunday begins at 19:00 with the documentary 'Azioni III - Gruppo Di Improvvisazione Nueva Consonanza', followed by Ultralyd with the N Ensemble at 20:00.

Monday at STEIM at 21:30. Solo performances by Kjetil Brandsdal and Anders Hana, and Office-R(6).

Sure to be an action packed two days, so don't forget to note the times and locations. Further info below.


Sunday 3 June @ OT301

DNK / N Collective present - N Event 21a:

DNK Documentary Series:

19:00 - Azioni III - Gruppo Di Improvvisazione Nueva Consonanza

Documentary about this infamous group of improvising composers including interviews and concert and rehearsal footage.

DNK Concert series:

20:00 Ultralyd and the N Ensemble play:

Morten J. Olsen - Conditions for a piece of music II
Koen Nutters - Liquid composition Nr. 4
Dirk Bruinsma - New Work for Ultralyd and the N Ensemble

Kjetil Moester (NO) – saxophones
Anders Hana (NO) – guitar
Kjetil Brandsdal (NO) – bassguitar
Morten J. Olsen (NO/DE) – percussion

N Ensemble:
Michael Schmid (DE/BE) – flutes
Bjornar Habbestad (NO) – flutes
Carlos Galvez (ES/NL) – clarinets
Dirk Bruinsma (NL) – saxophones
Robin Hayward (GB/DE) - tuba
Matthias Engler (DE) – percussion
Morten J. Olsen (NO/DE) – percussion
Jeff Carey (US) – laptop
Koen Nutters (NL) – upright bass, conductor


Monday 4 June @ STEIM

DNK / N Collective present - N Event 21B:

set 1:
Kjetil Brandsdal - Solo Bass guitar

set 2:
Anders Hana - Solo guitar and voice

set 3:
Office-R(6) - electro acoustic sextet
Koen Nutters - bass, structure
Robert van Heumen - laptop (LiSa)
Jeff Carey - laptop (Super Collider)
Sakir Oguz Buyukberber - bass clarinet
Dirk Bruinsma - soprano and baritone sax
Morten J Olsen - percussion

+ DJ Scumbag

STEIM - Utrechtsedwarsstraat 134
21:30 - Free entrance.

N Collective:


DNK amsterdam
new live electronic and acoustic music
Every Monday September through June
OT301 studios 1 & 2. 21:30
Overtoom 301, Amsterdam
Entrance: €4

DNK amsterdam is funded by:
VSB Fonds
Fonds voor Amateurkunst en Podiumkunsten
Fonds voor Podiumprogrammering en Marketing

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