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[Nettime-nl] Lezing van Saskia Sassen (13 juni, UvA)

IMES lecture-series:

13th June 2007
Discussion with

prof. dr. Saskia Sassen
 (University of Chicago, London School of Economics)

 This discussion session will consist of three parts. First of all, 
 three scholars on migration will discuss Sassen's work. Prof. Dr. 
 Jan Rath (director of IMES, UvA) will talk about global cities, 
 ethnic entrepreneurship and informality. Dr Tessel de Lange 
 (University of Nijmegen) will discuss Sassen's work in relation to 
 her study on the role of the state, labour market and immigrants in 
 making the rules on access of non-citizens to employment. Dr. Ilse 
 van Liempt (IMES, UvA) will focus on migration processes and 
 dynamics with particular emphasis on smuggling. Secondly, Saskia 
 Sassen will reply to their comments. Finally, the last hour will be 
 open for discussion.

 This lecture will take place from 10.00 to 12.30 at room C 0.23 in 
 Oude Manhuispoort 4-6, Amsterdam.

 More information: Blanca Garcés (B.GarcesMascarenas @ and 
 Lisa Peters (L.Peters @ 020-525 2654 or 020- 525 2669

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