DNK Amsterdam on Mon, 11 Jun 2007 12:10:27 +0200 (CEST)

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[Nettime-nl] Monday 11 June [ Eckhardt, Wishart, Davies / Baltschun ]

DNK amsterdam - concert series for new live electronic and acoustic music.

Monday 11 June - OT301

Monday is our last concert at OT301 for the current season. We are of course back in September.

About the evening...

Much of Boris Baltschun's extremely subtle work with the live manipulations and processing of samples is with his regular collaborator Serge Baghdassarians. This Monday is great opportunity to hear him play solo.

The string trio of Julia Eckhardt, Stevie Wishart and Rhodri Davies is a new formation of players that share the common ground of new improvised and composed music. This music will undoubtedly be of great focus on sound and interaction.

Set 1:

Boris Baltschun solo:

Boris Baltschun (DE) - laptop

Set 2:

Eckhardt, Wishart, Davies

Julia Eckhardt (DE) - viola
Stevie Wishart (UK) - hurdy gurdy, violin and electronics
Rhodri Davies (UK) - harp

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Coming Up...

DNK End of season event - @ Mediamatic
Coming Up...15 June @ 21:00 - free entrance.

We will be having an end of year event to celebrate the first year of the DNK concert series. Included in the evening will be a new light installation by Idan Hayosh, the third DNK Open DI Night and a party into the night with DJ Andre and DJ Scumbag. Come down and celebrate with us.

Mediamatic - ground floor of the POST CS building, Oosterdokskade 5, Amsterdam

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DNK amsterdam
new live electronic and acoustic music
Every Monday September through June
OT301 studios 1 & 2. 21:30
Overtoom 301, Amsterdam
Entrance: €4

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