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[Nettime-nl] Book launch: Selling US Wars

From:    "Transnational Institute" <>

Selling US Wars: The Iraq conflict, permanent occupation and the US agenda in the Middle East

Book launch
Speakers: Susan George, Kamil Mahdi, Achin Vanaik

Venue: Felix Meritis, Keizersgracht 324, Amsterdam
Date: Sunday, 17 June 2007
Time: 15h30

Free entrance

Four years on from the invasion of Iraq, US troops and those of their
allies still occupy the country. An estimated 655,000 Iraqis have died
as a result of the invasion, according to The Lancet medical journal.
The 'divide-and-rule’ tactics of the occupying forces have fuelled
sectarianism, with US forces now entrenching these divisions with a wall
around a Sunni area of Baghdad. Meanwhile, the drive to control the
country’s oil pricing and policies continues, with the occupying powers
pressing a compliant Iraqi government to pass an oil law that allows
Western oil companies to plunder the country’s oil wealth.

This roundtable discussion will address the US economic and strategic
interests in the war on and continued occupation of Iraq, distinguishing
these from the high-sounding slogans about "bringing democracy to the
Middle East" and false claims about “weapons of mass destruction” that
were used to justify it.

The event sees the launch of Selling US Wars, a collection of essays by
renowned experts from around the world. It examines the excuses for war
that were the basis for this period of the US empire drive—nuclear
weapons, terrorism, "failed states," drugs, humanitarian intervention, and
democracy—and analyses the pretexts asserted for the US invasions of
Afghanistan and Iraq, as well as Washington's aggressive policies
elsewhere. It gets behind the subterfuges to expose how Washington's
spin-doctors worked to present its wars as humane, lawful, and necessary
to keep Americans safe—and why the campaigns sometimes succeeded.


Achin Vanaik is professor of international relations and global politics
at Delhi University, and a fellow of the Transnational Institute. He is
editor of Sellilng US Wars (Interlink, 2007).

Susan George is Chair of the Planning Board and a Fellow of the
Transnational Institute. She is the author of numerous books, most
recently Nous, Peuple d’Europe (Fayard, 2005).

Kamil Mahdi is senior lecturer in Middle East economics at the
University of Exeter, UK and a Fellow of the Transnational Institute.
His books include Iraq’s Economic Predicament (ed., Ithaca, 2005)

Organised by TNI and Universitaire Activisten (

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