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[Nettime-nl] Triple-bill of activist video, July 2-4, Amsterdam

Triple-bill of activist video, July 2-4, Amsterdam

Monday July 2
Location: Broeinest – Plantagedoklaan 12
Time: doors open at 20:00

“Precarity and Media Activism” - a night of screenings and discussions:

Short films by D Media (Romania), Candida TV (Italy) and NoBorders (UK)
Discussion with D Media, Valery Alzaga (Justice for Janitors), AK Kraak &

Made in Italy (42 min, 2006: D Media & Candida TV)
Documentary on the delocalization of Italian capital to Romania and the
migration of Romanian labour to Italy, told through the contradictory
perspectives of Italian business owners and corporate representatives,
workers, taxi drivers, trade union leaders, and Romanian migrants in

Eden (18 min, 2006: D Media)
There are over 16000 Italian companies in Romania, and some cities like
Arad have been transformed into occupied territories. The Italianization
of public space reflects its economic relations, as witnessed by 5 women
who work for Italian companies in Arad.

Underground Londoners (30min, 2007: NoBorders London)
An inside report on the struggle of undocumented cleaners working in the
London Underground. Earning 5 pounds an hour in the most expensive city
in the world, working two jobs to be able to still send money back to
family in country of origin. How to organize against subcontractors and
with the threat of deportation?

*********************************************************************** Tuesday July 3 Location: Operating Theatre / Cheque Point – Damrak 16 Time: Voku at 19:00 & Screenings at 20:00

“Operating Theatre presents an evening on Belarus”

Screenings of 2 films of the Belarussian video-collective 'Navinki'
Q & A with two Belarussian activists on the current political situation in

It happened to a Lad (the first full-meter fiction production, 2001,
Navinki) Yura has a tiff with his babe. He bumps into this gorgeous
stranger – Nastia, an 'activist' from some democratic firm or other. Yura
finds out his country's got something called an opposition, and it's
fighting some dictatorship. Without expecting it, our hero winds up in the
middle of some political hoo-ha.....

Goodbye, Batska! (short-meter film-videokomix, 2006, Navinki)
Hilarious sharp political satire, cover-version of the fabulous German
movie “Goobye, Lenin” mocking the modern Belarussian reality, with
significant role for the official TV propaganda Note: “Batska” meand “Dad”
in Belarusian. But it's also the common nickname for Lukashenka – the
President of Belarus since 1994.

Wednesday July 4
Location: Joe's Garage – Pretoriusstraat 28
Time: screenings start at 20:00

“Ak Kraak Berlin goes Amsterdam”
Screenings of AK Kraak productions + discussions with the collective

Between walls and favelas - police violence in rio de janeiro (60 min,
BRD/Brazilia, 2005)
Marcia lives in one of Rio's favelas. Her son is one of the 1193 people
who have been shot dead by police. A sharp increase of police killings
have enforced its notoriety as one of the world's most violent forces of
order. The victims are mostly young blacks from the poor neighborhoods.
This documentary by AK-Kraak (Berlin), ATreVer and TV Tagarela (Rio de
Janeiro) offers first-hand accounts of people living in the favelas about
their every-day experience and their struggle for justice.

We are girls, but... - Women artists in Romania between everyday life and
visions (46 min, OV, 2006)
Portrayal of women artists who are living and working in different cities
of Romania. The camera accompanies the different women during their
everyday life activities (at home, in the studio, with friends) and to
special events (exhibition opening, art party...). The women tell about
their art work, everyday life and the difficulties to bring the „two
domains“ (being creative and having a job) together. It brings to light
the problems of being a woman artist in an environment in which still
prevails an old fashioned mentality regarding gender roles/relations in

and other short videos: activism, g8, gender and all !!!

This triple-bill is brought to you by EYFA - – in
collaboration with:

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