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[Nettime-nl] V2_ANNOUNCEMENT | Test_Lab: Topology April 17, 2008, 20:00h, V2_

                    )))TEST_LAB: TOPOLOGY(((


April 17, 2008, 8 p.m., V2_ Institute for the Unstable Media,
Eendrachtsstraat 10, Rotterdam.
This event will be streamed live at

Featuring: Tiziana Terranova (IT), Christoph Wachter (DE), Mathias Jud
(CH), Yolande Harris (UK), Bureau d'etudes (FR), and Di Mainstone (UK).

"Test_Lab is a bimonthly public event organized by V2_, Institute for
the Unstable Media, that provides an informal setting for the
demonstration, testing, presentation, and discussion of artistic
research and development (aRt&D)."


Topology is often mentioned as an ultimate example of the same subject
being studied in parallel within various branches of science and art,
each branch approaching the subject from its own background and with its
own methodologies. Today, there are numerous initiatives on the radar in
which representatives of the various branches of topology explicitly
state a desire to exchange ideas and methodologies related to the topic.
But do all these diverse branches even share a common understanding of
what topology is?

In practice, it seems that there is still a fair amount of confusion
surrounding the notion of topology, and that its definition is a matter
of debate rather than consensus, with a single commonly agreed-on
defining characteristic: topology deals with the qualitative properties
of geometrical structures. Should the confusion surrounding the notion
of topology discourage topologists from trying to unify the field? Or
could it perhaps serve as a commonly shared ground for collaboration and

This topology edition of Test_Lab will feature several new and exciting
artistic Research and Development (aRt&D) projects within the artistic
topology tradition and will investigate the common understanding of the
notion of topology in the arts. Audience members are invited to actively
involve themselves in the practices of topological aRt&D and, on the
basis of this involvement, discuss what defines the field and whether
the proposed exchange and collaboration with other topology branches is

Test_Lab: Topology will reveal censored areas on Google maps and the
true networks of the world’s power structures, and will include a sonic
navigation walk and a fashionable artist intervention. The different
branches dealing with topology will be represented by international
experts participating in the project A Topological Approach to Cultural
Dynamics (ATACD).


// Preceding this edition of Test_Lab, the Piet Zwart Institute will
organize a seminar on mapping as a medium of cultural reflection and
critique with presentations by artists, activists, and theorists,
titled: The Map is not the Territory?! April 16, 2008, 19.30.- 21.30,
Mauritsstraat 36, Rotterdam.Presenters: Bureau d'Etudes, Theo Deutinger,
Christoph Wachter and Mathias Jud, with an introduction and moderation
by Florian Cramer. //

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