Geert Lovink on Fri, 18 Apr 2008 12:39:21 +0200 (CEST)

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[Nettime-nl] stem voor eboman!

Eboman receives 2 nominations for the Webby Awards: the Oscars of the
Eboman has been nominated for 2 Webby Awards for his video sampling
project ¡Viva la Creación!  The Webby Awards, to be presented this year
for the 12th time, are highly prestigious awards for online
productions. This time round, Eboman is up for the Best Editing Award
and the People’s Voice Award. The composition which garnered the
nominations for Eboman can be seen at:
Eboman became well-known in the mid-90s for his pioneering work in the
area of video sampling. ¡Viva la Creación! is an exceptional,
interactive project from the summer of 2007, whereby it was possible
for people to cooperate on Eboman’s audiovisual sample compositions
through the internet.
Please join in and make sure this special project wins a Webby award!
You can now cast your vote for The Webby People’s Voice Award on-line
for Eboman at: .
To vote follow these steps:
   - Register on the Webby People's Voice awards site
   - Click on 'Online Film & Video'
   - Scroll down to 'Film and Video Craft'
   - Click on 'Best Editing'
   - Vote for Eboman ¡Viva la Creaçión!
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