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[Nettime-nl] StalkShow by Karen Lancel and Hermen Maat at Urban Screens 08

City project StalkShow http://www.stalkshow.org
by artists Karen Lancel and Hermen Maat

will be shown at:  Urban Screens 08 - Melbourne, Australia
exhibition and symposium: http://www.urbanscreens08.net/art-+-events

Developed at: DasArts Amsterdam  &  V2_Lab for Unstable Media Rotterdam

STALKSHOW is a temporary meetingplace. It is a social city art  
project, in which the audience
experiments with social technology to reflect on their perception of  
community and alienation,
fear and desire for the 'Other'. Through an interactive, wearable,  
WIFI Performance & installation,
it invites the audience to play with urban screens.

Art Center Nabi Seoul, South-Korea  //   ISEA 04 Finland //
V2 Lab for Unstable Media Rotterdam & E-Culture Fair Amsterdam,  
NL  //   ZKM Karlsruhe, Germany
	 Second new media Art Exhibition & Symposium - Millennium Art Museum  
Beijing, China //
	 Smart Project Space Amsterdam, NL //  DasArts, NL //  Kiasma Museum  
Helsinki, Finland //
	 Eyebeam New York USA  // Shanghai International Science & Art Expo,  
China //
Hong Kong Art Center and Videotage, China // Stedelijk Museum Buro  
Amsterdam, NL
Transmediale Berlin, Germany.	


Supported by: 	Dutch Embassies, Fund BKVB, Fund AFK, Mondriaan  

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