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[Nettime-nl] Participate! WALLED GARDEN Conference 20&21 Nov in Amsterdam

International conference on the new [in]equalities endorsed by technology
Amsterdam, 20-21 November 2008 



Walled Garden is an international working conference that examines the (in)accessibility of information and knowledge. With the rise of online gated and closed communities, a number of issues are becoming increasingly urgent in relation to identity, communities and networks. 

The goal of this event is to work towards a future Web a blueprint that reflects the changing structures of our digital world and the processes at work.

Desirable outcomes are: 
-  Suggestions for improvement: working towards new models of knowledge and information exchange
- Position statements around the state of play, research orientations and possible integration paths towards the future internet, accompanied by a roadmap with milestones
- Proposing an architecture for the future internet (in virtual and physical sense)

Keywords: web 3.0, mobile communications, social processes, new technologies, network, laboratory, changing structures.

A fresh approach to the traditional conference 
Walled Garden breaks with the traditional conference format. Instead of programming keynote speakers and plenary discussions we will approach the topics through exploration, experimentation and exchange of knowledge. Structured group dialogue is the main focus, interspersed at set times with inspirational presentations from artists, researchers, theorists and technologists.

Speakers and moderators 
Sessions will be led by international researchers, including: Bronac Ferran (Royal College of Art, London), Tapio Mäkelä (University of Salford), Erin Manning (Senselab, Montreal), Sabine Niederer (Institute of Network Cultures, Amsterdam), Matt Ratto (University of Toronto), Edward Schanken (University of Amsterdam), Adam Somlai-Fischer (Aether Architecture, Hungary), Aymeric Mansoux (

Virtual and physical presentations by: Celia Pearce (Georgia Tech, USA), Mary Ann Breeze (_Augmentology 1[L]0[L]1_ ), Aenimae (Performing Creativity Platform), Aymeric Mansoux & Marloes de Valk (Metabiosis), Tom Klinkowstein and Irene Pereyra (2030 a day in the life of..) and many more.

We would like to invite anyone with a profound interest in innovative strategies, structures and e-culture to sign up. Due to the limited number of seats available participant are asked to briefly inform us of their reasons for wishing to take part and what they hope to get out of the conference (max 250 words).
Please send the short text along with a brief outline of who you are before 1 November to:

Practical details 
Conference date: 20-21 November, 2008
Location: Lloyd Hotel, Amsterdam
Fee: 150 euro (students 75 euro) for two days, including lunches, one dinner and night programme.
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