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[Nettime-nl] Focus on Internet: "ISPs and regulation through intermediaries", 30th October in Amsterdam

> From: Ralf Bendrath <>
> Date: 21 October 2008 2:14:24 PM
> To: Verborgene_Empfaenger:;
> Subject: Focus on Internet: "ISPs and regulation through  
> intermediaries", 30th October in Amsterdam
> Dear colleagues,
> we invite you to the next session of the research siminar "Focus on
> Internet", led by Milton Mueller, XS4ALL Chair at the Faculty of
> Technology, Policy and Management at TU Delft. Please feel free to  
> also
> forward this invitation to anybody who might be interested.
> Thursday, 30th October 2008
> 16:00-18:00
> Institute for Information Law
> University of Amsterdam
> Rokin 84, 1012 KX Amsterdam
> Directions:
> The theme for this session is
> "Internet service providers and regulation through intermediaries"
> Milton Mueller will discuss the legal, regulatory, economic and social
> issues raised by attempts to control Internet uses and users through
> intermediaries. Although as early as 1997 law professor James Boyle,  
> in
> his "Foucault in Cyberspace," spoke of the state's efforts to "build  
> the
> regime into the architecture of transactions ....both technically and
> economically rather than policing transactions after the fact," the
> first generation of ISP regulation contained strong limitations on
> liability. Those limits are now under attack, and there is a new push
> for ISP "responsibility" for the many problems that can occur via the
> internet, including illegal content, malware, copyright violations via
> P2P file sharing, etc. This seminar will explore legal and economic
> analysis of intermediary responsibility and ways of assessing the  
> impact
> of this kind of regulation on Internet freedom and innovation.
> Others involved in similar areas are invited to also discuss their  
> work
> and bring their ideas, either on the substance and politics of the
> issue, or on research methodologies and theoretical approaches.
> Best regards,
> Ralf Bendrath

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