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[Nettime-nl] Converging Technologies, Changing Societies (Enschede)

Call for Papers

SPT 2009

Converging Technologies, Changing Societies

16th  International Conference of
the Society for Philosophy and Technology
July 8-10
University of Twente
Enschede, The Netherlands

Deadline for abstracts: January 5, 2009

SPT 2009 welcomes high quality papers and panel proposals in all areas  
of philosophy of technology. Given the focus of this year’s  
conference, papers dealing with converging technologies and their  
social and cultural impact are especially welcomed.  SPT 2009 will  
include 15 tracks:

1.          Converging technologies and human enhancement. Chair:  
Peter-Paul Verbeek
2.          Converging technologies and engineering sciences. Chair:  
Mieke Boon
3.          Converging technologies and risks. Chairs: Sabine Roeser  
and Sven Ove Hansson
4.          Converging technologies: general issues. Chair: Armin  
5.          Ethics and politics of emerging technologies. Chair:  
Tsjalling Swierstra
6.          Philosophy and ethics of biomedical and nanotechnology.  
Chair: Bert Gordijn and Joachim Schummer
7.          Philosophy and ethics of information technology. Chair:  
Adam Briggle
8.          Environmental philosophy and sustainable technology.  
Chair: Andrew Light
9.          Philosophy of engineering and design. Chair: Pieter Vermaas
10.       Robots, cyborgs and artificial life. Chairs: Mark  
Coeckelbergh and Gianmarco Veruggio
11.       Technology and moral responsibility. Chair: Katinka Waelbers
12.       Technology, culture and globalisation. Chairs: Charles Ess  
and Evan Selinger
13.       The good life and technology. Chair: Philip Brey
14.       Philosophy of technology: general and assorted issues.  
Chair: Anthonie Meijers
15.       Reflective engineering. Chair: Darryl Farber

Descriptions of the tracks can be found on our website 

Papers will be accepted on the basis of a submitted abstract, which  
will be refereed. An abstract must be between 500 and 750 words in  
length (references excluded) and submitted via email  
( as embedded plain text or an attachment in RTF or  
WORD (no docx) or PDF format. It should also contain the name and  
number of the track to which the abstract is submitted.  Abstracts  
must be submitted no later than January 5, 2009. Authors will be  
informed of the decision of the referees by March 2, 2009.
Panel Proposals.  We will also accept proposals for panel discussions,  
also to be submitted by January 5, 2009.  Panel proposals must include  
a statement of the general topic and an overview of the specific  
questions or issues to be addressed.  In addition, the proposal should  
include a list of the panelists involved, their expertise in this  
area, and whether they have indicated that they are willing to  
The SPT conference series is recognized as the premier international  
event in philosophy of technology, with delegates from all over the  
world. Conferences are held every 2 years, alternating between Europe  
and the United States. SPT 2009 is the 16th conference in the series.

Organizing Committee:
General Director:            Philip Brey, University of Twente
Scientific Directors:        Peter-Paul Verbeek and Tsjalling  
Swierstra, University of Twente
Managing Director:          Katinka Waelbers, University of Twente

Scientific Committee:

Mieke Boon
Philip Brey
Adam Briggle
Frans Brom
Mark Coeckelbergh
Charles Ess
Darryl Farber
Bert Gordijn
Armin Grunwald
Sven Ove Hansson
Andrew Light
Anthonie Meijers
Carl Micham
Sabine Roeser
Joachim Schummer
Evan Selinger
Tsjalling Swierstra
Herman Tavani
Peter-Paul Verbeek
Pieter Vermaas
Gianmarco Veruggio
Katinka Waelbers

Keep checking the conference website (currently in progress) at

Conference email address:  spt2009(at)
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