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[Nettime-nl] V2_: Call for participation Workshop "Better than Reality"

Workshop ‘Better than Reality’
call for participation

Better than Reality is a project in which artistic use of augmented
reality technology is explored. After a series of residencies that took
place last summer, V2_Lab now opens up the technology to artists and
developers in the form of two hands-on workshops.

Last summer three artists in residence explored three central aspects of
Augmented Realities(AR): While Marnix de Nijs (NL) continued his
Exercise in Immersion 4 project focusing on interactive scenarios in
AR, *Boris Debackere(BE) researched spatial sound in AR and Jonas
Hielscher(DE) worked on the 3D and visual aspects of AR.

deadline for applications: November, 13

 From November 24 to 27, 2008, V2_Lab will organise a workshop split up
into two tracks. After a joint introduction, Boris Debackere and Jonas
Hielscher will each lead one workshop track; focusing on the audio and
visual aspects of AR, respectively. Marnix de Nijs will alternate
between the workshops to provide critical feedback on the immersive
aspects of participants’ concepts. The participants will partake in
hands-on sessions that involve both conceptual and technical
development. The fourth day of the workshop will consist of an ‘open
space’ for participants to play with the technology platform. Developers
from V2_Lab are available for technical assistance throughout the
workshop. The aim of the workshops is to provide participants with an
extensive overview of state-of-the-art artistic use of AR, hands-on
experience, and an opportunity to apply their own artistic concepts
using AR.

The workshops are open to (art) students, artists, and other
professionals who are interested in the artistic use of AR. Basic
knowledge of Blender (3D modelling), audio composition, Max/MSP,
programming, and/or scripting languages are a minimal requirement for
participation. An overview of the results of the workshops will be
presented in one of V2_’s Test_Lab events taking place in early December
The number of participants is limited, in case of too many subscriptions
V2_ reserves the right to select participants.
The fee for participation is € 50,- (to be paid before the workshop),
this includes coffee/tea and lunch but no accommodation. A reduced fee
for students is possible upon request.

Please use the form available on www.v2.nl or follow this link for your


Augmented Reality is an umbrella term for various techniques that make
it possible to add virtual elements to the physical world, for example
overlaid visuals or spatialised sounds. The technologies underlying such
environments are, however, still very experimental, and therefore often
inaccessible to artists. To enable more artists to create augmented
reality artworks, V2_Lab has developed a software/hardware platform
called VGE (V2_ Game Engine), based on Ogre3D, OpenAL, ultrasound
positioning and various types of sensors. Artists can create immersive
experiences using Blender, Max/MSP and tangible interface tools. The
user of the system wears a set of stereo video displays that show a mix
of 3D visuals and real world video, from a head mounted stereo camera.
The position in space and orientation of the user’s head are tracked.
Furthermore, the geometry of the physical space is modelled in a virtual
model. Together, the tracking and the virtual modelling allow a fixation
of the virtual world on the real world, by which virtual elements can
behave as if they are part of the physical space. For instance, a
virtual object can disappear behind a real wall. Our aim is to extend
the VGE into an accessible authoring environment for artistic augmented
reality environments.

Over the past years V2_Lab has been on the forefront of developments of
artistic use of Augmented Reality technology. The most prominent example
was the presentation of the prototype of the /Exercise in Immersion 4/
project, created in collaboration with artist Marnix de Nijs (NL),
during the Dutch Electronic Art Festival in 2007.

Jonas Hielscher, www.pixelsix.org

Marnix de Nijs, www.marnixdenijs.nl

Boris Debackere, www.rotorscoop.net

For more information about the Better than Reality project, please
contact Jan Misker at jan@v2.nl or +31 (0)10 2067273

Better than Reality is supported by the Mondriaan Foundation, Dienst
Kunst and Cultuur of the City of Rotterdam and MultimediaN

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