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[Nettime-nl] Pirates of the Amazon |

this just released ::

*Pirates of the Amazon Add-on*

	"How can you compete with free? You cant!"
				Lawrence Lessig

The Firefox add-on "Pirates of the Amazon" inserts a "download 4 free"
button on Amazon, which links to corresponding Piratebay BitTorrents. The
add-on lowers the technical barrier to enable anyone to choose between "add
to shopping cart" or "download 4 free". Are you a pirate?

To download/install the add-on, and for more information on the project,
please visit

This release is part of the upcoming Launch Party of "", which
will take place at WORM in Rotterdam on the 13th of December. 
During this event the audience will be able to browse the net using several
artistic browser modifications and Firefox add-ons, in's first
Firefox add-on exhibition ►► participating artists include ::

	Theo Watson
	Aram Bartholl
	Evan Roth
	Dragan Espenschied
	Timo Klok
	Jamie Wilkinson
	Danja Vasiliev
	Tobias leingruber

Besides good tunes by surprise DJ's and live acts, the evening will also
host speed presentations by Theo Watson, Timo Klok, Danja Vasiliev and Evan
Roth - moderated by tobi-x and with special guests Florian Cramer
(/PietZwartInstituteMDMA/) and Hans Bernhard (/ ...

For more info on this event, and for reservations, please visit

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