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[Nettime-nl] fOO_bar >> Neanderthal Electronics Party @ WORM, Rotterdam

> friday evening June 5th
> doors 21.00
> entrance 5 euros
> WORM, Achterhaven 148, Rotterdam

'fOO_bar' is the public interface of WORM's medialab moddr_ >> a
combination of presentation, installation and performance of digital art
and music, showing current interests from the lab without excessive
2.0_fluff - enjoy true interactivity and have a drink while you're at it...

This night we host the closing event of our 'Neanderthal Electronics'
workshop by Derek Holzer, with a presentation of the projects created
during the week and a Stone-Age style group noise performance.
Live on stage we have COLUMN_ONE and Macumbista, and we have a showcase of
recent moddr_ artist in residence Brendan Howell with his 'Rustic
Computing' project - accompanied by some obscure films on computer

Derek Holzer (1972) aka Macumbista is an American sound artist living in
Berlin, whose current interests include DIY analog electronics, sound art,
field recording and the meeting points of electroacoustic, noise, improv
and heavy metal music. He has played live experimental sound across Europe,
North America, Brazil and New Zealand.

Column One is een kunstcollectief uit Berlijn dat zich sinds 1992 heeft
ontplooid in ontelbare incarnaties en nooit tot ÃÃn soort middel van
expressie heeft beperkt. Column One opereert als ideologische basis voor
een (esthetische) benadering van structuren, filosofische ideeÃn en de
media van de westerse wereld.

âColumn Oneâ ist die OberflÃche, die erste Ebene auf der unser
programmiertes Hirn funktioniert â die erste Spalte der Zeitungen, die
Schlagzeile, der EinschaltquotenfÃngerâ . Es ist auch die
starre-statische SÃule, die den Himmel stÃtzt und so sein HerabstÃrzen

> Rustic Computing.

Rustic Computing refers to the construction of calculation machines using
pre-industrial or even pre-historic technology. It reveals a history of
computing as the pastime of dilettantes, amateur scientists and gentleman
tabulators who construct machines to manipulate abstract symbols with no
practical application. As these machines are generally less efficient than
conventional pencil and paper computation, they allude to a more epicurean
practice of computing for pleasure rather than production. Much like "Slow
Food", Rustic Computing valorizes the process as being more "natural",
"traditional" and "organic". During my stay at moddr_ I will attempt to
build several components for a potential "heirloom computer" as well as to
document a history of the practice.

Brendan Howell (b. 1976, USA) is a media artist and an engineer. He has
created various software works and interactive electronic inventions. He
lives and works in Berlin, Germany and teaches at the Berliner Technische
Kunsthochschule. He works as a developer for the Fritzing project at the FH
Potsdam, University of Applied Sciences.


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