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[Nettime-nl] Book sprint / floss manuals in Theatrum Anatomicum

It takes 5 days to write a book

A new series of manuals for open source software will be produced this coming week. It will take five days of concentrated work to develop the manuals based on previous experiences by Adam Hyde, Allen Gunn and a view others software experts. From Thursday till Monday the team will work in the Theatrum Anatomicum situated in Waag Society.

Monday the 29th of June the manuals will be presented at an evening session.
We welcome you to join the presentation of the manuals and the lecture on the Open Translation Tools and Book Sprint methodology.

Lecture on Open Translation Tools and Book Sprint methodology plus presentation of the manuals

Monday the 29th from 20.00 till 23.00
Waag Society,
Nieuwmarkt 4, Amsterdam.

19:45: Door open
20:00: Waag Welcome (Lucas Evers)
20:20: Aspiration Tech Introduction to Open Translation Tools (Gunner)
20:40: FLOSS Manuals introduction to Book Sprint methodology and what
we did this week (Adam)
21:00: create and book launch (Adam and Gunner)
21:20: Drinks

The model through which the manuals will be written is based on the idea of a code sprint, and a leap beyond time constraints. See www.booksprint.info for more information.

For more information on the event contact Christine van den Horn
020- 557 98 98/ christine@waag.org

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