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[Nettime-nl] MS Stubnitz presents Squartet (IT) & Les Louise Mitchels (FR), Jazzcore & Psychedelic Punk, this Thursday (we hope)

Thursday 24 September / 20:30 / 5 Euro / MS Stubnitz / NDSM Werf / Amsterdam-Noord / tt-Neveritaweg 15

*Squartet ///
Squartet is a three-piece instrumental band based in Rome, Italy, formed in May 2004, from two experienced noisejazzcore bands from Rome (Demode and Neo). Born from punk, corrupted by funk, de-evolved into noise, with a taste for be-bop, Squartets music is better served live, at high volume, so that your nerves are tensed and relaxed alternately; sung parts are missing and replaced by schizophrenic,restless guitar lines. Since the beginning Squartet has been touring in Italy and near European countries, spreading around its ironic and catching up live set, sharing the stage with bands like Mike Watt & Secondmen, Karate, Melt Banana, Ron Anderson's Pak, Zu. Influences can be found in the '90s, from Ruins, Mr. Bungle, Naked City, NoMeansNo, from the '80s, The Residents, Fred Frith's Massacre, Snakefinger, back to Zappa's experimental music.

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*Les Louise Mitchels ///*

Les Louise Mitchels is a band from Paris, France, around since 2006. Based on a sort of collective with many different musicians and mixing a lot of different kind of material on the records, the live performances of Louise Mitchels are more chaotic and energetic. The line up includes one bass, one guitar and two drums. Like some psychedelic version of Minutemen and NoMeansNo. Having created a record label called "Et Mon Cul C'est Du Tofu ?", Louise Mitchels produce all their records themselves. This DIY label is also a netlabel and all the releases are free for download.


Info on how to to visit the Stubnitz along with timetables for the free ferries, please check the website.

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