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Re: [Nettime-nl] Fwd: Vaccinatie mexicaanse griep achtergrondinfo

Dat Project Camelot (dat deze film brengt) zit anders vol ufo-kijkers en
 paranioafielen. Ik zou er dus niets van geloven.


a.andreas wrote:
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>>> From: Claudia van Loon <>
>>> Date: September 22, 2009 0:21:11 GMT+02:00
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>>> Subject: Vaccinatie mexicaanse griep achtergrondinfo
>>> In Amerika en Canada en div. andere landen is het al zover dat  het
>>> mexicaanse griep-vaccin verplicht gesteld kan worden op straffe van
>>> gevangenneming of boetes a 100 dollar per dag. (zie filmpjes op
>>> youtube van CNN). In europa hoor je hier nog niet veel over; dit zijn
>>> ook niet de inividuele regeringen maar de WHO die hierover
>>> uiteindelijk beslist. Er is verschrikkelijk veel bekend aan het
>>> worden over de ziekmakende effecten van dit vaccin, en het feit dat
>>> dit juist de bedoeling lijkt te zijn. Onderstaand een schrijfsel van
>>> een vooraanstaande meneer over ziekte onder Indianen in Canada na
>>> toediening Tamiflu.
>>> Google i.v.m. de mexicaanse griep-vaccinatie vooral eens op Jane
>>> Burgermeister; zij is medisch journalist en heeft  2 maanden geleden
>>> een rechtszaak aangespannen tegen de WHO wegens het opzettelijk
>>> besmetten van 72 kilo mexicaanse griep vaccin met  het
>>> vogelgriepvirus. Deze vrouw is bekend bij inmiddels veel mensen die
>>> niet klakkeloos alles aannemen wat de krant, t.v,  hun regering of
>>> hun dokter zegt. Zeer zeker de moeite waard om onderstaande video van
>>> haar te bekijken!! Gewoon copy-paste.
>>> (for the english-speaking amonst us....:-)) just copy-paste or click
>>> here to see a very interesting interview with a woman who is sueing
>>> the World Health Organisation right now.She tells all about it in
>>> this 1-hour film.
>>> (neem een uurtje als je hebt, maar in de eerste 5 minuten vertelt ze
>>> al de grote lijnen...het wordt echter interessanter (en schokkender)
>>> als je de film in zijn geheel besluit te bekijken.
>>> Ik stuur deze mail niet zozeer om je een bepaalde mening op te
>>> dringen; je  mag me ook voor gek verklaren, dat is ok. Ik stuur je
>>> deze mail zodat je in elk geval jezelf kunt informeren mocht je dat
>>> willen, en kunt kiezen wat jou goed lijkt straks als het vaccin je
>>> aangeboden of opgedrongen wordt.
>>> Succes, wijsheid en gezondheid, Claudia
>>>> "suffering the same fate that aboriginal people have for centuries."
>>>> It has started in Canada!
>>>> The Mask Slips, for Those with Eyes to See:
>>>> Preparing for the Real                   Pandemic
>>>> by Kevin D. Annett, M.A.,                   M.Div.
>>>> Last week, many of the aboriginal people in the remote west coast
>>>> village of Ahousaht were innoculated with the tamiflu vaccine.
>>>> Today, over a hundred of them are sick, and the sickness is spreading.
>>>> In the same week, body bags were sent to similarly remote native
>>>> reserves in northern Manitoba that have also received the tamiflu
>>>> vaccine.
>>>> On the face of things, it appears that flu vaccinations are causing
>>>> a sickness that is being deliberately aimed at aboriginal people
>>>> across Canada, and this sickness will be fatal: a fact acknowledged
>>>> by the Canadian government by their "routine" sending of body bags
>>>> to these Indian villages.
>>>> Before you express your shock and denial at the idea that people are
>>>> being deliberately targeted and killed, remember that murdering
>>>> Indians with vaccinations is not a new or abnormal thing in Canada.
>>>> Indeed, it's how we Europeans "won the land", and it's one of the
>>>> ways we keep it.
>>>> In 1862, Anglican church missionaries Rev. John Sheepshanks and
>>>> Robert Brown inoculated interior Salish Indians in B.C. with a live
>>>> smallpox virus that wiped out entire native communities within a
>>>> month, just prior to the settlement of this native land by gold
>>>> prospectors associated with these missionaries and government
>>>> officials.
>>>> In 1909, Dr. Peter Bryce of the Indian Affairs department in Ottawa
>>>> claimed that Catholic and Protestant churches were deliberately
>>>> exposing native children to smallpox and tuberculosis in residential
>>>> schools across Canada, and letting them die untreated. Thousands of
>>>> children died as a result. (Globe and Mail, April 24, 2007)
>>>> In 1932, B.C. provincial police attempted to lay charges against
>>>> Catholic missionaries who had sent smallpox-laden Indian children
>>>> back among their families along the Fraser river near Mission, BC.
>>>> The RCMP intervened and protected the church, even though whole
>>>> villages were wiped                   out as a result of the
>>>> church's actions.
>>>> In 1969, native children who escaped from the Nanaimo Indian
>>>> Hospital on
>>>> Vancouver Island described being inoculated with shots that caused
>>>> many of them to die "with bloated up bodies and scabs all over", to
>>>> quote one survivor.
>>>> Knowing this history, it's not surprising when Indians on isolated
>>>> Canadian reserves start sickening and dying en masse from sudden
>>>> illnesses, after receiving flu shots. After all, it's still the law
>>>> in Canada, under the apartheid Indian Act, that no on-reserve Indian
>>>> can refuse medical treatments or experimentation. So it's small
>>>> wonder that these reserves are the places being targeted
>>>> first                   to be injected with untested, unsafe and
>>>> potentially lethal flu vaccines.
>>>> As an entire race of involuntary test subjects, Indians in Canada
>>>> are a weather vane for what will befall all of us, and very soon.
>>>> For the very techniques and weapons of genocide perfected against
>>>> aboriginal people are now being deployed against "mainstream"
>>>> Canadians.
>>>> Under Bill C-6, which is about to pass                   third
>>>> reading in Parliament and become the law, no Canadian will be
>>>> allowed to refuse innoculations for the swine flu, despite the fact
>>>> that it is relatively benign and mild, and has killed only people
>>>> who are already immune-compromised. Indeed, it is astounding that
>>>> such coercion and dictatorial laws are being employed to deal with
>>>> what the chief Canadian Health Officer has called a "mild seasonal
>>>> flu".
>>>> Clearly, another agenda is at work; but the time to ascertain and
>>>> challenge that agenda has all but run out. This coming month, forced
>>>> innoculations and imprisonment of those who refuse them may be a
>>>> reality across                   Canada. And for what reason?
>>>> Clearly, not for public health, considering the sickness and death
>>>> caused by previous swine flu vaccines.
>>>> I believe that the real pandemic is about to be unleashed through
>>>> the very vaccines being pushed                   by governments and
>>>> pharmaceutical giants like Novartis and Glaxo Smith Kline. The shots
>>>> will be the cause, not the cure, of the pandemic. Of course, those
>>>> in power can disprove this by simply being the first people to take
>>>> the swine flu shot: an event about as likely as these companies
>>>> forgoing the multi-billion dollar profits they will reap from the
>>>> mass vaccinations.
>>>> It's indeed ironic that, very soon, many "white" Canadians may be
>>>> suffering the same fate that aboriginal people have for centuries.
>>>> Perhaps it's fitting. For if we are indeed being targeted for
>>>> extermination, or at the least martial law and dictatorship, we
>>>> finally can have the chance to shed our complicity in the genocide
>>>> of other people, and get on the right side of humanity - simply by
>>>> having to fight the system that is causing mass murder.
>>>> ..............................................................................................
>>>> Rev. Kevin D. Annett
>>>> 260 Kennedy St.
>>>> Nanaimo, BC Canada  V9R 2H8
>>>> 250-753-3345
>>>> Kevin Annett is a community minister, educator and award-winning
>>>> film maker who lives and works with aboriginal and low income people
>>>> in Vancouver and Nanaimo,                   BC.
>>>> More here from Dr. Bill Deagle, MD...
>>>> Read and Hear the truth of Genocide in Canada, past and present,
>>>> at                   this website:
>>>> Film Trailer to Kevin's award-winning documentary film UNREPENTANT:
>>>> âKevin is more deserving of the Nobel Peace Prize than many who
>>>> have                   received it in the past.â
>>>> - Dr. Noam Chomsky
>>>> Institute Professor Emeritus
>>>> Massachusetts Institute of Technology
>>>> âA courageous and inspiring man." (referring to Kevin Annett)
>>>> - Mairead Corrigan-Maguire
>>>> Nobel Peace Prize Laureate
>>>> Belfast , Northern Ireland
>>>> "As a long time                   front line worker with the Elders'
>>>> Council at the Downtown Eastside Women's Centre, I stand behind what
>>>> Kevin Annett is                   trying to do for our people. The
>>>> genocide that continues today                   and which stemmed
>>>> from the residential schools needs to be exposed. Kevin Annett helps
>>>> break the silence, and brings the voice of our people all over the
>>>> world."
>>>> Carol Muree Martin - Spirit Tree Woman
>>>> Nisgaa Nation
>>>> "I gave Kevin Annett his Indian name, Eagle Strong Voice, in 2004
>>>> when I adopted him into our Anishinabe Nation. He carries that name
>>>> proudly because he is doing the job he was sent to do, to tell his
>>>> people of their wrongs. He speaks strongly and with truth. He speaks
>>>> for our stolen and murdered children. I ask everyone to listen to
>>>> him and welcome him."
>>>> Chief Louis Daniels - Whispers Wind
>>>> Elder, Turtle Clan, Anishinabe Nation
>>>> Winnipeg, Manitoba
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