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[Nettime-nl] Lezing morgen (3-5pm) UvA/Amidst: Banal Terrorism: Terror, Scale, and White Supremacy

Kan interessant zijn...

Banal Terrorism: Terror, Scale, and White Supremacy
Lawrence D. Berg
(Centre for Social, Spatial & Economic Justice University of British
Columbia, Canada)

Wednesday, 23 September
15.00-17.00 hrs

Nieuwe Prinsengracht 130  (voorheen Geologisch Instituut
Roeterstraat/Plantage buurt)
Building G - Room G. S04

Followed by drinks in the lobby of building G (First floor)


This presentation theorizes the problematic ways that terror and
violence are produced in hegemonic discourses of 'the war on terror'.
The paper draws on anti-racist, feminist, postcolonial and
poststructuralist approaches to explore the way that processes of
racialization, scalar politics and gendered ideologies work in
interlocking ways that socially construct particular understandings of
terror and violence that must be responded to by the state.   These
racialized, classed, gendered and scaled processes work in ways that
hide some forms of violence on some women's bodies, while simultaneously
highlighting violence on other women's bodies.


Lawrence Berg is co-director of the inter-disciplinary UBC Centre for
Social, Spatial & Economic Justice, a position he took up after
completing his term as Canada Research Chair in Human Rights, Diversity
& Identity at the University of British Columbia.  Lawrence has
published widely in journals such as Antipode, Canadian Geographer,
Gender Place & Culture, Professional Geographer, Progress in Human
Geography, and Society & Space. He is founding editor of the electronic
journal ACME: An International E-Journal for Critical Geographies, and
he sits on the editorial boards of six international journals or
scholarly publishers. Lawrence's current research focuses on the
relationships between liberalism, neoliberalism and white supremacy.

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