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[Nettime-nl] Media artiesten en technici, doe mee met SHARE in Amsterdam op 22 Oktober!

Beste allemaal,

De eerste Amsterdamse versie van het globale SHARE was erg geslaagd, daarom nodigen we alle media artiesten en technici in de buurt uit voor de tweede editie, op 22 Oktober in de Sugar Factory. Hieronder het (engelstalige) persbericht. Voor de flyer en meer info kun je terecht op

Hopelijk tot dan!

Mattijs, Nesa, Justin, Cenk, Stijn, Roy, Anett, Marcel and Bram


Media Artists and Technicians: Come to SHARE in Amsterdam on October 22, 2009

SHARE is an audiovisual jam session for media artists and
technicians. Display your unfinished projects, meet other geeks and
show off your audiovisual skills. Weâre hosted by the Sugar Factory,
well known in and outside Amsterdam for keeping up with the latest
artistic and technological developments. This time, SHARE cooperates
with 365Mag music magazine and the Miko club night. Prepare for
installations, nice people, workshops, djs, vjs, talks, intriguing
techniques and never-seen-before hardware and software.

15.00 - 19.00: SHARE day program - Time to take the
best of everyoneâs work by optimizing and interconnecting the
individual instruments, software and tool sets.

19.00 - 23.00: Dinner, then 365Mag and SHARE Workshops

23.00 - 00.00: SHARE Jam - Show off your audiovisual skills. During the afternoon weâll connect and schedule as many participants as possible.

00.00 - 05.00: Miko club night with Brendon Moeller (US), FranÃois K. (US), John Daly (GB) and MOSFET Visualists

For a more detailed program visit

Entrance fee: free for participants who register in advance, regular fee (â 5,- ) otherwise. Please register before October 19th via info [ a t ] or the online form describing which gear youâll bring to make sure we can connect you.
Youâll get a SHARE wristband that allows full access to the day and
night program.

Finally, if there is something you would like to demonstrate or
present during the workshops session, let us know! Please contact us at
least a week in advance.

Location: Google Maps
More info:,,
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